Festival of the Lion King Show

I just changed my park days. Leave tomorrow! Haha! Do you need a fast pass for Festival of the Lion King? It would be for this Friday 2/17 so low crowd day

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Also does anyone know how long the show is?

It’s 30 minutes, and you should be fine without Fastpass.

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So for a 4pm arrival to the park does it make sense to do the following (4 and 6 year olds)
Rivers of Light

They also want to see Nemo, Flights of Wonder, Wildlife Express Train. Park is open until 8pm

Actually we would see Lion King first and then those fast passes above in that orders

I agree on seeing Lion King first.

If you’ll be arriving at 4:00 then Flights of Wonder won’t be an option that day, as the last show is at 2:30. It’ll be really hard to do all three of Finding Nemo, Festival of the Lion King, and Wildlife Express Train/Conservation Station, because:

Wildlife Express Train closes at 5:50
Finding Nemo: Last show at 5:00
Lion King: Last shows at 5:00 and 6:00

I’d recommend dropping one of those three. For me personally, Nemo would get the axe, but I think most people would skip the train and Conservation Station.

Thank you!! L

The train to the Conservation Station is something to save for a “we’ve done everything else” day.

Being opening day for ROL, I would expect AK to be somewhat more crowded than the forecast. Usually you don’t need an FPP for FotLK, but it’s hard to predict what this Friday will be like. People may even be lining up to get a SB spot for ROL by 5:00 - which will make the area by the Nemo theater very congested and hard to navigate. Hopefully you have an FPP or dining package for ROL.

I have a Fast Pass for ROL yes. Priorities are really Lion King, Everest and Kilimanjaro. What ever else we can fit in will be a bonus. We also make it there in the 3pm time frame which will help but my husband has a business meeting off property until 1pm we are staying at Contemporary so before 4pm might be tight. We could always go back a 2nd day but I really want a full pool day since a few days is supposed to be super nice.

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