Festival of Fantasy - Shade?

We have a FPP for FOF but wondering if there is a shaded spot we could stake out instead? My fair skinned family melts in the sun. smile

No shade in the fast pass plus area. Head towards liberty square or frontier land for shade

I've read here that there's a nice bench near Sleepy Hollow that's shaded. You end up with a view of FoF as it turns the corner and crosses the bridge towards the hub. I've also read that people find elevated shady spots up the steps into the Diamond Horseshoe in Liberty Square. You might have to move into sun when people start gathering as the parade approaches, but at least you can wait in the shade and AC flows out of the Diamond Horseshoe doors.

Same AC benefit and shade outside LTT.

I sat in the shade at the DVC booth in Frontierland last weekend. It's to the right of the Kiosk area between Frontierland and Adventureland. There's room for about 5 people seated across the "front" of the DVC booth. One can even stand and lean on the DVC stand.

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To the right of this....


Wow thanks to all for the advice and especially to @Sorcerers_Apprentice for the awesome picture! The visual is a HUGE help for me! Would love to see this parade in relative shade and save my FPP for a different attraction.

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