Festival of Fantasy Parade Viewing

I have 2 li’l ones under the age of 6 and both LOVE watching the youtube videos of the Festival of Fantasy parade. This will be our very first trip to Disney.

Where is a good spot to watch the parade?

If we are sitting on the sidelines of somewhere, what is a good time to get there before the 3pm parade starts?

Is there a restaurant that has good parade views? Or is it better to be as “up close and personal” as possible?

I like being up close for sure! Not much chance of seeing anything if you aren’t right up front, especially if you’re a little kid. :slight_smile: Maybe consider getting a fastpass for the parade? Or grab a spot in frontierland which we usually find a little more empty than Main Street. :slight_smile: Also I would get there at least 30 minutes before start time! Have the most magical trip ever!

Following this. I was actually thinking about eating at Casey’s corner and watching from there. But not sure if that’s a good spot - if anyone can chime in on that, I’d appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Frontierland is good. So is Liberty Square. In January we basically walked right up to a spot near where the DVC kiosk is and had a great view. I’m sure it’s quite different this time of year of course.

Haha!! We think somewhat alike! I was thinking of having lunch at Tony’s (near Casey’s) but I have no idea if we will be able to view the parade from outdoor tables (IF we are fortunate enough to get one). Annnnddd never having been to Disney before I am not sure whether it is a good viewing spot or not.

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Yeah I wouldn’t chance it unless someone confirms that’s s good spot. Good luck! And will you post where you end up watching from? I always need good locations!

we watched from in front of the candy shop ( maybe it’s called the outpost?) which is right near peco’s bill in frontierland. we had some shade and a front row spot. we took the spot about 45 min before the parade started. it worked well b/c I sat while my kids and husband went in the candy shop and then when they came back to the spot, I ran down to the Fp kiosk that’s not far away in the breezeway b/w liberty square and adventureland and added our 4th fpp that we would use right after the parade since we had already used our original 3. it all worked really well.


We had a nice experience viewing from the top step of the Diamond Horseshoe. Here’s our view:

[sorry, I see this photo is appearing sideways or squished. If you click on it, it should be properly viewable. If anybody can tell me how to fix it, I’m all ears]

Some notes:

  • Don’t stand on the stone planters. They were shooing people off.
  • Some people WILL stand on the stone planters. So I shooed them off (because they were blocking DD10’s view)
  • The top step was in the shade on the last day of April. I’m not sure what angle the sun takes during the summer.
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