Festival of Fantasy Parade - starts on Main Street or in Frontierland?

Hi. Have seen both… so does MK vary the parade starting location? Trying to catch the parade early in Frontierland and then head to a 3p FP+ at Splash.

Will be traveling to WDW Dec 11.

Thank you.


FOF always starts in Frontierland.

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I Googled this and got that:

“wdw festival of fantasy parade route”

Festival of Fantasy Parade is a daily parade that takes places in the Magic Kingdom. It starts by going down Main Street U.S.A, then winds through Liberty Square, and ends in Frontierland. Through out the parade there are lots of floats with all your favorite characters.

Wow, that is wrong. Although I do seem to remember an exception where a second parade in a day might go that route? Although that is rare.

And… it was the first response in the Google Search.

[http://www.gas-storage.com/Picture1.jpg](Picture of Google Search)

Lol, I see the site that is from! It is not the first time I have read incorrect information others have found from that site! How is that the top site that shows up?

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Since it starts on Frontierland–do you happen to know which is the least crowded place to see it? I have a PPF FP at 2:35 pm (the day I’m going the parade is at 2 pm.)

Because the site pays to have their site come up — Google searches are not best fit or most hits at the top, they are paid for.

Anywhere along the path in Frontierland will do you well. If it starts at 2 it will be through there by 2:20 at the outside and you will not be far from PP

Also, don’t forget that a 2:35 FPP is good allllllllll the way until 3:35+

Oodles of time.

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3.50 should cause no problems scanning, later is a no unless you get a sympathetic CM.

And agree on location, anywhere in Frontierland is great! We particularly like the little triangular(ish) area on the left opposite (facing out from) Pecos Bill, where the path up to SM and BTMR meets the main parade route.

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I have a 4 pm ADR at Be Our Guest, so it looks like if the parade is done by 3, I should be good.

You’re good. No issues with your plan. Enjoy!

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