Festival of Fantasy Parade start time

I’ve been building some personalized TP’s for MK and trying to figure out how to schedule it. When I put it in my TP, it says the start time is 2:00, but then the TP will schedule it for other times (if use evaluate). Do I need to manually track this on make sure it’s before 2:00 or does the TP know something I don’t (like it starts late or takes a while to get to where I am)?

If you use evaluate then it will keep the parade where you put it, even if you end up being an hour or more late for it. It will use the wait times from whatever you have before and leave those there. Better to use evaluate to get an idea of wait times and then move the parade earlier so it’s in the right place. Or use optimize and see what the TP thinks is better beforehand. This is the same reason that if you have a FPP for SM, for example, at 12, but it estimates all the other things before that taking too long then it will tell you it’s not using the FPP. Evaluate doesn’t move anything even if it “makes” you late for everything.

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I always:

  1. Put in what I want.
  2. Optimize to get a sense of where everything would fall in an ideal world
  3. Move things to where they need to be for my plans (ie parade time, ADR, etc)
  4. Evaluate
  1. Modify, Modify, Modify. :wink:
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Just FPP. Not the TP! :wink:


So I’ve been trying to construct my TP’s and they’re pretty carefully engineered to minimize walking and hit ADR’s and shows at the right times and so I have my FP windows set pretty carefully. I’m not sure how to use modify to increase my mileage. Won’t modifying (and the subsequent day-of FP’s) throw my whole plan out of whack and send me criss-crossing the park?

This is exactly the method I follow as well. I always click “minimize walking” but I really like to minimize the heck out of walking so I will generally move things around.

I would generally say the 2nd part of my day is pretty flexible anyway, so whatever extra FP+ I end up getting just puts me ahead of the game. I have very young kids so I’m not into obsessively modifying though.

Absolutely not trying to be super snarky, but if you don’t want to criss-cross the park, then don’t book a same-day FP+ for across the park!

Or just keep clicking modify until you find something near you at a close time or something far away at a later time. I’ve literally been standing outside a ride with a 20+ minute wait and been able to find or modify a FP+ with a window opening in under 20 minutes. Mostly at MK.

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Okay. That definitely helps. I just recall all of @OBNurseNH’s advice about modifying and getting 20 FP’s in a day and wondering how that would fit into my finely tuned walking-minimized TP’s.