Festival of Fantasy Parade from Sleepy Hollow

Has anyone viewed the Festival of Fantasy Parade from Sleepy Hollow? Is this a good location if you are able to get a seat beforehand?

It’s a great spot, but I would go to the opposite side of the street if you can. This way the sun is to your back and you are not staring up into it as the floats and the dragon passes by. The sun also created solar flare in my photos.

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I do not think you would be able to see much from most of the seats? There are a few tables near the fence that look towards the castle but I think there would be a crowd standing in your way?

Thank you for the feedback! I had heard it was a good spot but I did fear people would be blocking our view.

Sorry, didn’t mean to imply you could watch the parade while seated at the tables.
You really do need to be up standing closer to the parade route.