Festival of fantasy parade dining package question


Has anyone does this before and can verify whether or not this would be included in a dining plan or is it all strictly out of pocket like the dessert parties and such? I couldn’t verify on Disney website - thanks! Also, is it worth it??


I can’t answer any of your questions directly — except to say that I did the equivalent for the Christmas parade and the location was amazing. Wholly uninterrupted views of the parade, great photos, and it does seem like the dancers and people on the floats make an effort to engage with we VIPs.


BTW if you do do it, don’t stand in the “obvious” place, dead centre, stand off to the right. There’ll be much less competition for a place there and I think you get a much better view, because you get an angle.


When is your trip? It is a wonderful spot but it is full sun so in the warmer months it can be very, very hot.


I did the dining package for Festival of Fantasy parade in December 2017. We used our dining plan credits. It was one TS credit. I thought it was absolutely worth it. After our lunch, we shopped on Main St. and walked to our spot about 10 minutes before the parade started. We didn’t have anyone standing in front of or behind us. The area had a lot of space left. I would absolutely do it again. I like not having to stress over finding a spot for the parade.


Well, we will be there starting July 9, so maybe we’ll stake out a place in Frontierland or something instead. But, I loved the no-stress of the HEA dessert parties we did last year and was thinking this would be along the same lines…


Thanks for the tip!


I think I would look for a shady spot.


FWIW, during Presidents Week last year, I got a fantastic spot right across from the dining package place at 20-30 minutes before parade time. And it was not crowded around me even when it was going on.


We happened to happen into MK just a few minutes before parade time on one of our trips a little while back and were shocked at just how much availability there was right in Town Square without struggling for plenty of elbow room.


Well, I think the way the plans are now, we would be giving up BOG lunch to do the parade package on the day we could, and even though I realize BOG lunch is quick service, I do want to eat in the Beast castle (just not for the new 2 credit dinner!). So, we will stake out our own spot for the parade, I think…