Feeling weird about October

It’s not entirely unknown for me to freak out about an upcoming WDW trip, but it usually happens a few days before, not 177.

Last week I booked all my ADRs and got everything I wanted, when I wanted it, including two HEA dessert parties. Yesterday, I capped off my awesome plan for the trip by adding MNSSHP and the associated dessert party. (Yeah, yeah. Shut up. No-one cares.)

Exciting right?

Wrong. I’m so pessimistic that it’s actually going to happen that I’m not looking forward to it at all.


Feeling the same way about our December trip. Have not planned what park which day, have a list of restaurants made months ago, have given no thought about where to put them into a plan. Only about 42 days until ADR day, but feeling no enthusiasm, no excitement. Thinking WDW may not be open or I won’t feel safe to go.

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Going the first week of November. I’m definitely aware that this trip might not actually happen. However, I’m all systems go to operate on the assumption that it.

I’m booked for November. I do think they will be open but I don’t think I will feel safe to visit yet.

I honestly have no idea when I will feel that way yet but it feels a long way off.

We rebooked our Spring Break trip to October…I swing wildly between being 1) optimistic that the trip will happen and even if not fully back to normal, fun and worth it and 2) pessimistic that even if parks/hotels are open, it will be miserable and a complete waste of time and money.

So I’m a lot of fun, is basically what I’m saying.


I also rebooked our April, then June, trip to October (also considering second week of November as I was there this time last year and it was lovely). I did dining the other day and only made two reservations. I just can’t get excited about a trip I think probably won’t happen or will be without characters and parades and all that stuff. If we do the October dates I want to do the Halloween Party but I don’t want to buy tickets for that yet since they are non-refundable unless Disney cancels. I’m just really torn. I’m kind of an all-in or not-at-all person and I can’t get “all in” for a trip with so much uncertainty.

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No Parade Party?!

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I’m also pessimistically booked for October. I swing from super optimistic- to no way is this happening. Currently giving myself a 20% chance on going. I think the parks will be open but whether it will be worth it for us to go.

Bright news JetBlue extended my credit into 2022, which prob would be my next chance to go so that’s exciting!

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I was tempted but I’m trying to be sensible. I’m hoping that I’ll find a spot near Frontierland for the later parade. I’ll be on my own so should find somewhere.

That definitely makes a difference.

OK this is why I knew I should come to this forum for my concerns. This entire thread explains perfectly what/how I’m feeling about our situation right now too. We have our April DisneyLAND trip rebooked for October 25 and have had our November 16th WDW trip booked since December and if someone had asked me a few weeks ago I’d have said no way the parks won’t be open by late summer or at least September but now I swing back and forth and really don’t know what to think on timeline. There’s also what so man others have pointed out, and that is when will I feel ok going back even when the parks are open??? The anticipation and countdown of our trips are always such a big deal and I don’t even feel like we can 100% look forward to them yet.


Pick the activity that’s the most important to you and cancel it. Then the pessimist in you can assume the trip will happen as planned, but it will be ruined. Problem solved.

But seriously, I think October will be business as usual here.


I am eager to hear what is announced tomorrow in regard to next steps in “reopening Florida”. I am all for states reopening cautiously in phases but just really eager to hear what the plans and timeline might be for Disney, whatever that may be.
Anyone have any thoughts on how they’ll enforce the 50% capacity rule? My hubby and I talked about it and he thinks the parks will be close to 50% capacity anyway so it won’t be that hard but perhaps first phase is FL residents and then next increases that to guests only staying on Disney property which wouldn’t surprise me either.

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If Oxford got the vaccine right it may be available I Europe by end of September! Don’t know about is poor schmucks here…

But seriously, I have a trip planned for October too. And paid for the HEA desert part and the Hoop De Doo reservation. But I highly doubt I will end up going. I assume I wont"t. But making the ADRs took my mind off of the fact that I should have been making my DLR ADRs that day. :frowning: