Feeling ahead of the game

My mom and I are going on our first trip to WDW in Oct-Nov 2019. She was talking to one of her friends, who has been to WDW a couple times, about the trip. Her friend didn’t realize that she was able to get FPP for rides. She also thought you had to pay for them.

Now I don’t feel bad about not knowing anything about planning this trip.


I am also planning a trip for that time! Good luck with your planning, and don’t hesitate to ask questions here. I have found Touring Plans and this forum to invaluable in my own planning journey.

Yikes! I am saddened at how people do not know about all the freebies and opportunities Disney gives. I mean, to each their own, I guess, but I can’t imagine waiting in those lines or just skipping those attractions. Especially when the solutions are right there and so easy.

Might I direct you (shameless self-promotion) and your friend to this thread:


One of my daughter’s friends went to WDW with her family a few years ago. They had a miserable time. They didn’t understand how to get fastpasses and apparently went on only one ride! I am amazed by how many people seem to have no knowledge of things I take for granted. The amount you learn from things like the Unofficial Guide and this forum sneaks up on you!


Thank you. I’m glad i found this site and forum.

Thanks for linking this. I’ll definitely take a look at it.

Do you plan other holidays in the same way? I don’t plan other holidays to the degree I plan Disney but I always buy guidebooks and do some research and usually have a daily touring/relaxing plan and know which restaurants I want to try. I don’t really understand people who do no research at all.

This is my first real vacation going somewhere in quite some time. Last one was to Las Vegas. Because there is so much to do on the strip there I did plan and research on what I wanted to do and what restaurants to try.

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