Feeding kids - No DDP

Kids will be 7 and 10 at time of trip. I’m wondering if I will be able to order off of the kids menu for my 10 year old. I’m sure CS won’t be a problem, but what about TS. She won’t eat many of the items on an adult menu.

Hello. When paying out of pocket you can order whatever you like, so no issue with your 10 year old eating from the kids menu. This will work at all TS restaurants that are NOT buffets, AYCE, or family style. So at a restaurant like Chef Mickey’s she must pay adult price, but at Liberty Tree Tavern for lunch she can order off the kids menu and pay the kids price… Just beware that the kids meal sizes are about enough food for an average 6-7 year old at the most. You daughter may still be hungry. Some restaurants will make a double size of the kids portion, but then they will usually charge you more.

Agree with everything that @Wahoohokie says. I have same age kids, and honestly I find it painful to pay full buffet prices for my DS10 who will eat like three chicken nuggets, a piece of bread, and a dessert or two. I have never had an issue with the TS kids meals being too small but sometimes my kids like to order a kids appetizer as well as the entree for a bit more food.