Feedback/suggestions on TP/FPP please

Hey all! So… that FPP day is gulp tomorrow night! Working out some more TPs - invaluable resource for planning! I have a few I’d love some feedback/suggestions on.

1: HS “morning” where Jedi training is priority. Obviously some things will move around, but if I’m at the gates an hour prior to opening, hoping getting in a show between 10-2 shouldn’t be too hard?!

  1. AK day (day after a party… no rush to RD…)

I don’t have access to the plan… :frowning:

I guess I used the wrong link??

an hour before opening at HS should be more than enough time to get to the front of the mass of people. Just be sure you go straight to the sign up and don’t get distracted by shiny things like my DH did. LOL

I don’t think you’ll have any trouble. I haven’t signed up for Jedi Training before, so I don’t really have anything useful to say, but I wanted to comment so I could say “HI!” I haven’t talked to you in ages! How is your trip planning going?

Hi @SallyEppcot ! I am at the freak out I picked all wrong ADR days and I want to start over from scratch point… So… Pretty good?! Lol

Ha! I think we were separated at birth or something. I’m at the freak out I can’t believe I’m going on a trip with friends and not my family OH NO I forgot that I don’t like people stage. This too shall pass.

Um. You probably like people. I wasn’t trying to say we’re alike in THAT way.

Actually I don’t like people. Haha!!! I think if I knew Disney wouldn’t drop any extras/last minute adds to the schedule (frozen, etc) I would be much better off.

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I’m COMPLETELY ignoring the Frozen events at Hollywood Studios. They aren’t in my plan, so I’m pretending they don’t exist. I love the movie, but have no interest in doing the sing-along by myself. I hope it isn’t too hard to navigate around all the extras though!

I have 3 frozen obsessed people traveling with me… So space will have to be left for it. What and whenever it is.

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Sounds good! You should be first in line or close to it