Feedback on my plan

Next March we are planning on taking our kids to DW for the first time. It will be my husband and I, DD1 (5yo) and DD2 (2yo, almost 3). Each day below has a 4 hour break in the middle for naps/rest

Saturday - Fly to Orlando, spend day at hotel.
Sunday - Epcot. Future World.
Monday - Morning at AK (DinoLand, Discovery Island), evening at ET (World Showcase w/ dining at Akershus).
Tuesday - MK Tomorrowland and Fantasyland.
Wednesday - Morning at AK Asia and Africa, evening at MK Dinner at BoG, Liberty Square… see how the kids feel.
Thursday - HS, Breakfast at H&V
Friday - MK Frontierland and Adventureland w/ Lunch at Liberty Tree.
Saturday - Morning at hotel, fly Home.

Does this sound reasonable? Do-able? Unless specified we have counter service meals planned.

Looks like a good starting point for planning. What you should do next is make Personalized Touring Plans for each day (or portion thereof for the multiple park days) and Optimize them to see how your planned activities are fitting into the allotted time, You may find that you will not want to group things so much by “lands” and instead focus on making groups of attractions that include a mix of high wait things that you do at RD to aviod the lines and low wait things that you do when the parks are mode crowded.

I built plans that are definitely still a work in progress. So far, and I know this can change as the trip approaches, everything works well together and lines aren’t going to be much of an issue. Some of the major attractions have 30-45 min wait before we take FP reservations into consideration.