Feedback on MK plans, please!

I make FP+ reservations in 2 weeks so I’m trying to nail down my choices. Can someone take a look at my customized MK plans? I’m most concerned with the first day, if it’s do-able or too much. The other two are half days since we’re park hopping.

We are: me, DW, two active grandmothers, and girls ages 6 & 2. We’re staying at AoA and using Disney buses.

Fri 8/21, CL 7:
Tues 8/25, CL 6:
Fri 8/28, CL 3:

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

Your First day seems doable to me, but I am surprised to see no circuit of the train or TTA People Mover kids of all ages seem to enjoy.

your second Friday seems tight on times, Your BOG and 7DMT seem close together, and meeting Anna/Elsa/Mickey/MSEP seem to be tight too. You will be lucky if those times work out like you are hoping for.

LOL, I just re-read that you haven’t even gotten you fast passes yet, just be careful with your second Friday.

Yeah, I wasn’t really sure what to do on the second Friday. Part of me just wants to wing it and ride whatever has a short line in between dinner and MSEP. But then the mommy guilt sets in and I feel like I have to at least try for the A&E FP for DD6. (We did meet them last year so if I don’t get it it won’t be the end of the world.)

Since we have to do Rider Swap on the bigger rides, we’ll probably end up taking DD2 on things like PeopleMover and the train while DD6 is riding the mountains. We can also fill in with those if we end up with extra time on days 1 or 2.

ok No Problem, I thought it best to speak up. Good luck on fpp day

Thank you, I appreciate the feedback!