Feedback on Genie+ plan of attack MK

So we only have 1 day in MK and we hate standing in lines.

The personalized plan I made is predicting a wait time of 51 minutes for Jungle Cruise at 1:00.

So I was thinking that would be the LL I would try to get first thing.

Rope Drop 7Dwarfs.

Then just kinda wing it all day and look at what’s available and close without having to criss-cross the parks. Do a mix of shortest lines and the Genie+.

I watched a video of someone riding all the Genie+ LL and ILL rides in one day and that seemed to be her method after grabbing the ILL in the morning and one of the more popular LL rides.

Any feedback? We are going for early open (staying at Pop).

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That’s really all the planning you can do right now. Before you go have a list of “must-do” attractions and focus on / grab G+ LL for those early. (A lot of people want a G+ for JC as the queue is miserabile and hot!) Then pick up any G+ in between for any available rides that are in your path, but not your “must-dos”

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What video did you watch? I’d love to see it too, chances are I’ve already seen it but there might be one more youtube video that I haven’t yet watched lol

Are you going to purchase ILL for 7DMT also? The other reason that people tend to pick up JC for example is because those LL go rather quickly, there are some drops throughout the day currently though.

This was the one that I watched. She does lots of fiddle-faddling (refreshing) with the app to see what would come up.
It’s long. I fast forward a lot.

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We were going to rope drop that one. I feel like if we get to the park just before 8 we won’t wait in line long. Just in lots of smaller lines. Ha! It looks like Be Our Guest might be open for breakfast so we might try to get a reservation. That’s probably plan A.
7DMT is a must-do for the kid.

sounds like a good plan. If you are at the gate at early entry opening and head straight to 7DMT, the wait is not long. But it is the ride most people RD, so it’s good to be early and move fast to avoid the queue building up.

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Unfortunately BOG breakfast didn’t return for breakfast. There aren’t any Pre park opening reservations that will get you in early anymore. You would want to be in the very front of the rope drop crowd for 7DMT to go fast. Which might mean getting there even earlier, i think taps have been usually opening up around 7:45ish, I think. there will be a line to tap in also.

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Thanks for the info! Since they aren’t showing our dates, I couldn’t tell if it would be open yet. We can do 7:45. We’ll get to the bus stop just after 7. If the line is crazy or something goes wrong, I’ll keep checking for an ILL for that.

Another question: if we rope drop Peter Pan at 8:30, do you think we’ll be able to watch the opening show at the castle that’s at 8:55?

For PPF I think it really depends on how far ahead in the line you are at rope drop. It’s probably possible if you are one of the firsts on the ride, it’s not that far away nor a long ride.

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