Feedback on Comedy Warehouse Holiday Special at HS

Anyone been to the Comedy Warehouse Holiday Special at HS? Worth going? Worth a FP? TIA Disney's Hollywood Studios | Disney World | Touring Plans | Crowd Calendar | Wait Times | Park Hours | Attractions | Dining

We saw the show and had a blast. In fact that is the show my son talks about the most. Two thumbs up.

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We love it, DS loves it, and we would spend all day i that theater if we could. Improv at it’s Disney rated best. Minimal Adult oriented things that usually go over kids heads because it is intellectually funny.

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Thanks everyone! Anyone know if I should FP it?

yes and no, Last year we FPP and we got to the line early, so we got int he front. if you are not going to line up early there really is no benefit because they let standby in at the same time. DISLIKE the way DHS does shows, especially during SWW!!!

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You made up my mind! Thanks!

Definitely worth going to! I’m starting to make it a yearly tradition. :slight_smile: Very entertaining show - the cast members are so talented!