Feedback for trip to Universal and WDW in December

Well, I have fought it off long enough and will be taking the family to Universal and Disney this December. Any feedback would be appreciated. So far, the plans are to be there Dec. 15-23rd. I have already procured a condo for the week. I am getting the 2 day park to park with 2 free days for Universal and the 3 day park hopper for WDW. Right now. we are going to spend the first 3-4 days at Universal (this is where my DD13 wants to go) and then 3 days at Disney to end on Friday which allows us to have Saturday to swim and decompress before our drive back on Sunday.
I haven’t planned everything out to the minute but have looked at the crowd planner to go to the best places first and then go back as we open up time along the way. I even put together the Hogwarts acceptance package for all three kids.
If you can think of anything that would help, please respond since this is our first time going and I am still trying to learn all the lingo.

Tim from SC

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Have a great time Tim!! I think you’re covered! Do you have any questions?

Two thoughts occur to me.

First, have you considered Express Passes at Universal? You’re spending a long time there, so they won’t be necessary in terms of getting to do everything you want to do, but they will cut down tedious waiting in line.

Second, three days at WDW seems not enough. There are four parks! Are you going to miss one out? Which one?

Maybe switch to three days UOR and four days WDW? Or ditch the pool day, which feels like a bit of a waste.

I have to agree with the above. 4 days seems too long at UOR, and 3 is way too short for WDW. Personally I would drop UOR to 2.5-3, then 5 days at WDW and skip the resort/pool day. Instead take midday breaks from the parks and swim then. This helps refresh you for evenings in the parks after early mornings. We tend to go for 11 days in late March/early April (8 at WDW, 3 at UOR), and even then it feels like not enough days at WDW. 3 days will barely scratch the surface of what there is to see and do at WDW.

i know you have a condo but I would also see one night at one of the deluxe hotels to get two day of express passes included( even if you don’t stay there). It may seem like a lot for two days but usually cheaper than buying individual express passes and you will likely be able to do everything you want. The add on days at Disney would not be that much more and allow you to see both places and have a pool day! I love pool days so I would keep it

Thanks for the feedback. I am going to extend the WDW to a 4 day Park Hopper and will still get 4 days at Universal if we need them since I will be paying for 2 days and getting 2 free. It will be a busy week but I can sleep when we get home. I don’t think the early entry is worth it since we will be there several days before everyone gets there. So far, the busiest days are 7/10 for when we are at WDW and Universal.

Again, thank you. Tim