February 2020 Memory Maker

Hi! I was wondering if anyone knows if a February 2020 memory maker group has started up? We’re going from February 23 - February 29 and would love to join one!

There is an early February group with one more available slot (in case anyone else comes and reads this thread), but for late February nothing has been started yet as far as I know.

I’m going 2/2-2/8. What exactly is this group memory maker? Thanks in advance.

PM sent

I’m going Jan 23rd to Feb 5th and have been thinking about starting a MM share. Already have the Memory Maker bought. But I guess that doesn’t really help dutchandmatt. I’ll start another thread.

Is there still an early Feb group? We’re going Feb 6-13. It’s only our second trip but would be interested in sharing.

We are going Feb 24-28. We have not done memory maker before, but interested is sharing if there is a group for the later part of February. Not really sure how the share works.

We are going to Feb 27th to March 8th and interested in a MM share.

I’m going Jan 21 to 26th and would love to split with you maccombi!

Looking for a memory maker share February 11-13. Any available slots?