February 2018 Price Increases

I think it was well publicized that there was going to be a Disney price increase this week. It is also being reported that parking has increased to $22 and Minnie Vans to $25. Preferred parking increases to $45.

Whelp…$25 for the Minnie Vans means I’m going to quit fussing that it’s not rolled out to all resorts and just stick with regular Lyft when needed which as I understand it is almost always cheaper.

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I have never been charged more than $11 for Uber. It is usually between $7-10.

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I don’t do Uber (too many issues with that company’s practices), but Lyft is usually about the same up here.

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From MouseSavers Hot Deals – February 11, 2018

“Disney is offering the same mix of tickets and annual passes at both parks, with one big exception: annual pass renewal discounts at Disneyland park have been eliminated, so a renewal annual pass now costs the same as a new pass. In addition, Disney made a slightly cryptic announcement that they would be moving to tiered pricing on Walt Disney World multi-day tickets, “later this year.” For now, you only have to worry about value, regular and peak prices for 1-day tickets at Walt Disney World, but before the end of the year Disney will apparently roll out a tiered pricing scheme for all tickets.”

Tired multi-day tickets? No renewal discounts in DL?

Does this mean the package I bought through my travel agent in January will go up with the ticket increase? Or am I locked in with the original price.

once it’s booked your’re locked into the price it was originally. If you make any modifications to your reservation then you risk the new price being charged.

Is it pretty easy to get a Lyft/Uber at Magic Kingdom after the fireworks? The hours changed to midnight so we will say and try and ride some more rides but request one later. Does anyone know what it would cost to go to Disney Springs from the TTC? I’m assuming we pick up the Uber/Lyft at the TTC?

You can walk to CR and get Uber there. I would order it as I was walking.

Should these tiered ticket changes come to be… do you think it will somehow affect the Park Hoppers I currently have? I’m kinda worried they’ll limit me to value season or something!

I would be surprised if it would impact tickets we have now, but it would impact any future tickets.