Feb 24-25 help!

My boyfriend and I are planning a 2 day trip while I’m visiting him in Ft. Myers. Sunday Feb 24 we’ll be driving up and fighting the princess half marathon crowds to get to Epcot so I can see Illuminations one last time, but we’re stuck on which park for Monday. MK or HS?

We went last December for his first trip ever. ToT is our favorite ride, I love RnRR, and we’re intrigued by TSL, but there are more rides to fill our day in MK. We like all the mountains, pooh, haunted mansion, pirates, etc. Night shows don’t factor in as we are driving back that night and will probably head out around 7pm. I do have a just in case ADR for lunch at BoG, but food isn’t a huge factor for us.

Any thoughts? Visit TSL now before Star Wars insanity or wait until it opens? Crowd differences? The crowd calendar shows insane crowds both days (though last year it looks like they predicted too high so one can hope). Castle or Tower? help!

If you really love ToT and want to try out the Toy Story stuff, I would choose HS before the Star Wars insanity begins. But that’s just me.

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I still prefer MK by a landslide, even with TSL being open, but that’s just me. If you are big ToT and RnR fans, and are only there until 7pm anyway, you could probably fill the day at DHS.

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