Feb 2022

I’m thinking of taking a trip in first or second week of Feb2023. Any suggestion which week would be better. My kids really want to ride ROR

I think those are usually both great weeks. The second week might lead into people arriving for President’s weekend/week?

I think you might want to edit your topic title to 2023?

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Agree. The week of 2/5 looks best. The end of the week of 2/12 will get busier as the holiday weekend approaches. The week of 1/29 is also a good option.


2/5 is the week my gang is going. We have had success in the past doing this time in February before.

Those weeks in February are usually pretty good!! Festival of the Arts will be going on during that time… it’s a great festival to attend.

Crowds will start to increase the closer you get to President’s Day Weekend.

Another thing to remember during the first few months of the year some rides will be down for refurbishment.


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