Feb 13-17 park choices

I hate to ask but I am having trouble narrowing days down. FP picks in a few days. My family rope drops. 5+8 year old.

Feb 13: HS 6/10 (maybe 1/2 hour late start). Thinking of Epcot 3/10 but getting up at 5am to drive from Fort Myers. Somewhat worried about staying up for wishes but we can manage.
14: AK 3/10. Other parks 5-6.
15: MK: 2/10 but I can I trust it. It has evening magic hours to 10. Epcot/HS 4/10. AK 1/10.
16: EP: 5/10 with early hours. Other parks 5-6
17: MK: 8/10 with early hours. Other parks 7-10.

I need to do each park from 13-16 due to parents tagging along. Thanks!

You getting Hopper tickets?

Usual advice is avoid emh days unless you make full use of it and are hopping. On your first day I would go to a park with earlier evening entertainment than EP.

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No hopper.

Make up TP’s with your must do rides and them apply it to different days and time periods. I found out a few things that way, like we needed less time in AK than the other parks and we didn’t need to be there at RD. Do you have any ADR’s you need to fit around?

Thanks for the suggestion. I will try it. Only reservation not to miss is either BOG at 8am on the 15 or 16. However, there are still early times any day that week.

What about EP day 1, AK day 2, MK day 3 with BOG plus afternoon break & return for evening EMH, DHS day 4, return to MK (or your fave) the last day? This way if you are tired after EP or MK evenings, you have the option to do a later start at DHS or AK the next day.

But it does make for a long first day with the morning drive. Depends whether your family can handle that.

We are there the exact same days! I think I have a plan for the parks, but I am constantly questioning it. Good luck!!

So what did you pick!

Thank you everyone for your advise. I have moved things around to avoid the extra magic hours. The thinking is that the crowds will pick up Thursday for the long weekend so I put in AK then. Monday you avoid MK so that leaves me with HS Monday, MK Tues, Epcot Wed. and AK Thursday. I do have some concern that I am ignoring the park crowd predictions on touring plans doing this and relying on a couple of other sites with seemingly less resources behind them. I am really overthinking this. Thanks again!

We have park hoppers, so that helps a bit. But I think we’re doing:

  • Monday: Late Arrival Epcot (we’re from Seattle and coming in late the night before)
  • Tuesday: Breakfast at CRT/Epcot in the evening
  • Wednesday: MK
  • Thursday: HS/MK (I REALLY want to do After Hours, but having trouble convincing the husband)
  • Friday: AK

I totally feel you about overthinking it. That is my life too.

The biggest factor is AM EMH. If you are not staying on site, or don’t think you will be able to make it for RD on an AM EMH day, do NOT go to that park - especially MK. AK is more “forgiving”; it’s the one park I don’t stress over if I cannot make it right at RD (although this may change after Pandora opens).

Personally, I have not noticed the crowds later in the day to be that much higher for an EMH park compared to the same park without EMH - but I haven’t really done a “scientific” study.

I always have either an AP or hopper tickets, but truthfully, I don’t really hop all that often. 1 1/2 days at the MK is usually all I can take, so on my second day I’ll hop to EP at lunch time for more WS time. When AK closed at 5:00, I typically hopped to a park with late hours to finish the day.

But so much is up to personal preference and prior experiences. The only “bad” day I’ve ever had was at MK on the day of an MVMCP when the actual CL turned out to be an 8 and the predicted was a 5 (I was still able to complete 90% of my TP, but it was very frustrating and stressful).

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