Feb 1 DHS is an 8/10

I cant seem to figure out why HS is an 8 on February 1 2016. I’m looking to attend that park that day. All the other parks are 4, No EMH at DHS that day. I don’t seem to find a special event on Monday Feb 1 for HS. Last year the crowds were a 5 on at DHS on Monday 2/2 with EHM til 10pm. Last year this was the day after superbowl, this year 2/1 is the week before superbowl. Dunno if that plays a role but anyone know of something i’m missing?

It may be a mistake. You can send an email and they will look at it.

This does look off. I’ll take a look at the data.

DHS has unusually high numbers during my upcoming trip 1/19-26. and after For example, on 1/26, MK is a 3, AK is a 5, Epcot is a 6 ( EMH) and DHS is a 7. That just can’t be right!

I figured it was a glitch and just planned my days figuring that HS prob wouldn’t be more crowded than the EMH day that day.