Does the forum seems to be missing something that you think would be cool to have? We can discuss it in here, and if it sounds like a good idea, we can pass it on to the Discourse team. Theyre very open about discussing new features and implementing any that they think would serve their user base.

Is the capability there to see who is "online" in the forums?


It may also be nice to have a "read" notice for posts you have already read.....like the "new" button when something has been added....just a thought smile

If you click the bookmark icon below a post it will mark it as ready.

read...not ready smile

@jhulighan - I'm pretty sure there kind of is a "read" notice. The little blue circles next to the names of each thread tell you how many posts have been made since you last read it. So if you sort by "latest" then glance down the list you'll see some say "new" in the blue circle and some have numbers next to them. The ones that have nothing next to them are the ones you've read and that haven't had any new posts since you read them. At least that's what I'm guessing from what mine looks like after a day of reading stuff here.

@WendyWelcher_go_com and @SallyEpp_cot, thank you! Just trying to get used to the new format 😊

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We all are @jhulighan! Teach me something....did you type our usernames out or is there another way? Thanks!

I just started with @WendyWelcher_go_com (@ we) and your name came up. I selected it and didn't have to type the entire name. It's a little touchy as I'm on my ipad but I can make it work. Thanks so much 😉

That is what I thought I had read somewhere. For some reason, it is not auto populating for me. I have to type out the whole name.

@WendyWelcher_go_com Well I can't get a photo to upload yet....have a great night!!

OK-I have an idea. Not sure if this is feasible but it is worth asking. It seems that many bugs may be stemming from browser compatibility which is common for many sites. For our MLS's, we have a button people can click to check their compatibility and "fix" any issues automatically. The buttons typically say "check your browser settings" or "browser compatibility" and they appear on the landing page. Would this be possible?

I think we should have some mod only threads that can be stickied. Not a lot of them because it gets too cluttered, but maybe one that then links to others that aren't stickied but are likely to be referenced every day. Like one with all of the collected phone numbers, one that has the useful links we give out all of the time, one that explains the BoG Fpp process. Collect links to each of those individual threads and put it one sticky thread that is easily accessible. Then when comments are added to make changes the Mod's can update the first post and delete the reply so that it says small and doesn't confuse anyone. Just an idea...

I like this idea. A weather forum I visit will tell you: "X guests, Y anonymous users and (list of user names) are reading this thread now" I find it helpful - especially if I post something looking for an answer I have an idea if anyone is around to answer my question.

I am actually able to use the Forum on my phone, so not complaining. But after I read a thread I intuitively want to hit the back button to go back to whatever page I was previously on in the Forum. Instead it takes me out of the Forum site and into whatever web page I was on before.
Can they please make the back button on a phone go back within the site? It may be out of their control but it would make it so much easier to navigate on a phone!
Samsung Galaxy S3 if that matters; I assume native browser as I don't think I downloaded a separate one.

I have a Samsung galaxy s5. I use Opera for the browser for this site, and the back button brings me back to the previous page. Maybe you can try a different browser - it may just be the native browser.

I have an iPhone and when I hit the back button it does take me back to last page in forum. So think it may be your phone type and not something on the forum? If you tag @daybreaker he can probably look into it for you.

If I had to guess, it would be the way the browser handles javascript. Its a javascript app, so the best browsers for it will be modern versions of safari, chrome, firefox, or ie. I think most android phones should be using a version of chrome though?

I've been using Opera on my android phone and it works great, other than the trust level issue which isn't platform specific.

First idea:a cleaner view, less where space. Less redundant icons. More streamlined. Is that possible?

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