Features of custom touring planning

I would like to create a custom plan. I might be looking for features that are not available. If anyone used the tool, could you please let me know if one can:

  • specify the number of days at DLR or at DCA (to spread out in meaningful ways the specific attractions one is interested in)
  • build in a break (e.g. out of the park from 12 to 5, returning from 5 to 9 pm)
  • can one indicate own priority to the attractions regardless of the star rating


I think I figured out the answers. It seems that the custom plan cannot be really customized the way I want it. However, taking one of the “standard” plans can be copied and changed.

The first & third options aren’t built into the custom plan tool. However, you can completely build your own and add whatever attractions, shows or seasonal events you’d like to make a part of your plan. As far as prioritizing, what I like to do is plan to things that are of the highest priority early in the first day and work down from that. During the trip, as my kids throw different priorities at me during the trip or as different opportunities arise for use, we adjust at the end of every day to plan for the next day. I also try to leave at least one full day unplanned so that we can use it as a "clean-up day’ to take care of what we haven’t been able to get to and allow for spontaneity to be able to change plan at a moment’s notice throughout the rest of the trip.

Thanks. I would have never imagined that it will take me this much time to plan and that it can get this complicated. Just reading through the descriptions for each ride, watching some of them to make decisions takes a lot of work. At least there are the apps that can be helpful and the planning tool that I hope will be reliable and flexible.

It really doesn’t have to be complicated. It is far easier to plan a trip to DLR rather than WDW. At DLR it is easy to “wing it.” In fact I just go back from a trip where I had made all sorts of plans and ended up throwing most of our plans out and winging it and had a great time. The key is being flexible, but keeping in mind what goals you have and prioritizing them. I will be writing a trip report about my experience and will post it in the next few days.

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I’ll look forward to it! I’m planning a trip this summer over my birthday - and by planing I mean I’ve got my reservations and ticket (as a package) - but I’ve only been to Disneyland once and that was with a small group for the Half Marathon, so the two who knew what they were doing because they’d been there before sort of led the rest of us around. This time it’s solo and I’m more or less winging it - other than a couple of dining reservations where I’ll need to contact them about my gluten-free thing.