FEA - Rider Swap?

I’m confused – I’m seeing on TP and DW websites that Rider Swap is available for Frozen Ever After – but there isn’t any height requirement and all ages can ride…

If this is true it could be an opportunity to make two rides happen for our little Frozen fanatic… anyone have experience?

Rider swap isn’t designed to give the little one a second ride; it’s designed so the two parents can ride individually while the other parent stays behind with the little one.

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A bigger little one can get 2 rides though.

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That was part of my confusion - why wouldn’t a little one ride FEA if there’s no height requirements/age requirements or anything? Maybe if they were just scared of dark rides or something? Never been on it, so I don’t know what to expect! I figured it would be one our entire party would all ride.

It’s a dark ride, so some kids may opt not to ride based on that, Before our daughter turned three my DH and I used our Fastpasses to go on it separately with her, so she could go twice. Same with Soarin’ and a few others.

There’s also a small drop in FEA.

Someone posted on here a few months ago that they asked Disney why FEA was included on the RS list and it was because of the drop. For instance, Pirates is a dark ride but doesn’t have a drop and RS is not available for it.

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That’s a great idea! I know if my daughter likes the ride she’s going to be begging to ride again but an hour+ in line just isn’t happening lol

Pirates does have a small drop, but my DS4 is not afraid of that one. He is scared of the drop on FEA so we aren’t riding FEA again for a while. I’m not sure if the combination of Marshmallow and the drop is the issue for him?