FEA Illuminations Party

Headed to WDW in December, and hoping to do a Frozen Illuminations party at Epcot (daughter’s idea, not dad’s, unless it includes a dark, gritty reboot involving Marshmallow going on a rampage). We’ve noticed these parties are released much after the 180 day ADR window, but have also heard that the Illuminations party may not be scheduled if Illuminations is actually changing. Any truth to the rumors? And when can we expect to be able to book them?

Not a clue. We are still waiting for SEPTEMBER at this point.

The common thought is they will keep the cash cow of a dessert party regardless of what the nighttime show is. But no one knows for sure.

I don’t know the answer to your question, but I would like to say that your idea for the FEA ride is awesome! I’d put you in charge of that if I had any power with the Disney Powers that Be. LOL!

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My resume to be an Imagineer is still under review :slight_smile:

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The latest on the new interim show is … keep your eyes and ears open.

Rehearsals are in full swing somewhere in Orlando, without fireworks at the moment. But that means it’s hard to judge when they’ll introduce it. Unlike with HEA, where the final date was announced a couple of months ahead, the last version of Illuminations just started, with no announcement at all I believe!

But I agree, they’ll continue with the FEA dessert party for sure! No reason to change that, they’ll just change the name accordingly.

Parties are posted through December!

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Thx. Of course there’s not one the night I was interested in. Oh Well!

Same thing for me! The one night I was interested in, it is not happening.