FEA - earlier FP?

So the only FP+ I was able to get for Frozen Ever After is 1:15-2:15… with an almost 3 year old who is Frozen Obsessed and will be getting ready for a nap by that time, I’m desperate for an earlier option. Is this a hopeless goal? I’ve been checking daily but so far there’s only 8pm or later left. Will persistence pay off? Do they ever open up more FP?
I scored a FOP a few days ago when some afternoon passes opened up, so I kind of think anything is possible lol just wondering if this is realistic or if we would be better off planning to rope-drop it… ?

How about keep the FP+ and rope drop it? That way if she’s doing fine at 1 you can ride it again. If not, you can drop the FP+ and get something else for after nap time. You could always hit it right at 1:10 and then leave for the nap right after.

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Keep checking but you can always do what @jcgoblue said and do both. If you show up 5 minutes early, they usually wave you through.

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Hmmm I like that idea! Especially since I feel like this may be something that she really wants to do again once it’s over lol Plus I anticipate that we will have enough time to everything else we want to check out as well.
Off to tweak my touring plan…! LOL

I would also keep checking - I was really pleased (for similar reasons) to modify get a 3pm rather than 4.35 FEA for day 1 of our trip. Still trying for earlier! Think that was just someone dropping a time as all others were 7.30pm. That was a few weeks out - guessing more people change nearer the time? Also, there was something on the lines chat about a short wait for FEA around 10.30 - think speculation was this was after rope drop but before FP start? Maybe try putting that into your plan and seeing what the estimated wait is? Although can’t tell if that works from experience and maybe safer to RD if you want to ride twice!