Faxing Room Requests

Okay, so, when you decide to fax a resort request…
…what do you put on the fax? I don’t mean in terms of the request itself, but do you use a cover page? Write “Hi, My name is Mickey Mouse and this is what I want” lol ? How exactly do you head this request?

… when is the best time to fax it over?

Thanks in advance!

All you really need to include is the name on the reservation, the dates for check in and out, the confirmation #, and your request. It’s pretty standard format to include a cover page but wouldn’t likely make a difference either way. The general consensus is to fax it about 3-5 days in advance.

I call w wording from TP’s room selector.

Can you make a room request if you are using DVC Points for your stay?

Of course! Anyone can make any room request.