Fax requests during CL 10 times of the year?

Specifically Jan 3-10 (New Years & Marathon crowds) at POFQ

Would I have better luck trying to actually call in and have them “manually” add my request to my reservation? If I do call in, should I not do the fax request at all?

I know a lot of people have no problem with the fax room request, but this past January (same dates), we were no where near my request, and my request wasn’t so specific to make it impossible to accommodate. I think it was the crowd level for that week that affected my location since I got the text message that my room was ready at 12pm on check-in day – so I’m thinking I was just next in the queue for their system. We didn’t get there until midnight so I didn’t bother trying to get them to move us at that point. (This was at CBR which I will probably never stay at again with the experience I had at that resort – not just the room request issue)

When you call your phone call goes to a “call center”. I recently had a series of conversations with a customer service specialist after my February stay. In discussing how I could ensure my issue never reoccurred she told me that calling the call center usually does not get the request on the reservation and they are never in direct conversation with a resort. Use the fax and erase the rooms- just add your request to the text box.

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When I stayed at CBR, I did eventually bring the room issue up to the concierge desk bc of all the other problems, the CM told me “faxes get lost”. :unamused:

I ended up emailing guest services about the constant problems on that trip (& the CM’s obvious lack of care at the concierge desk), and in regards to the room request, they stayed silent on what works, what doesn’t or why I wasn’t near my request.

I’ll see how it goes this time around.

I sent a series of communications after my last stay. All but one of my emails were compliments for amazing service . My email regarding the first part of my split stay resulted in multiple emails and phone calls- follow ups and apologies on different actions, comments and CMs that just plain lied. One of my issues regarded three adults (paying extra) and a room switch to a room designed for just two adults. The first response was "bedding is not guaranteed ". During these conversation I asked if the only way to get a specific request such as “a bed for each adult to sleep on” was a TP fax. They said the call center does not contact the resort or room assignees .