Favourite counter service Restaurants

Researching TS restaurants for our first trip has been fun and interesting with the wide selection of food and so many online reviews. CS restaurants don’t seem to be as easy, so I thought to ask everyone for their personal favourites and why. We are mostly looking for suggestions in the parks and not the hotels as much.

Flame Tree BBQ is the first one on my list.

BOG lunch, Columbia Harbor House, Sunshine Seasons, Fish and Chips Kiosk at Epcot, Les Halles, nothing at HS currently

Want to try Satuli at AK and Tangierine Café in Morocco this trip.

BOG lunch have been unable to get that ADR but thanks for the rest!

We loved Satuli! I loved the variety available with the bowls and my DS9 loved the cheeseburger pod. I also loved the mobile ordering. So easy! Always stop at CHH, it is reliable and generally easy to find seating upstairs away from crowds. Sleepy Hollw has yummy waffle sandwiches and a great dessert waffle.

I am hoping to try CS in France next trip. Heard good things about it.

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At MK, Columbia Harbor House and Peco Bill are both really good and not your typical burgers and fries. CHH has a variety. We liked the lobster roll. Peco Bill has fajitas and a great fixings bar.

At Epcot, Sunshine Seasons and Les Halles Boulangerie would be our picks. SS has so many choices. There’s something for everyone. Les Halles has awesome French baking.

We haven’t found a favourite at AK or DHS. But you must track down the current location of the carrot cake cookie at DHS. It’s amazing!

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Flame Tree and Satu’li at AK.
Tangierine Cafe and Les Halles at Epcot.
BOG lunch would be my choice at MK but that is a hard reservation. I like the waffle sandwiches at Sleepy Hollow.

Agree. So good. When we were there a few weeks ago it was at the Starbucks at HS. They keep closing the locations that carry it–I miss the Writer’s Stop.

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Writer’s Stop was a true hidden gem, almost too hidden!!

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Glad it moved somewhere. Continuing to close the location where it’s sold is incredibly frustrating.

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CS/QS - the quality control is all over the map. One place’s 15.00 meal will be an absolute travesty, while another place’s 15.00 meal will make you think they are (almost) undercharging.

Do your research and whittle it down to the best place at the best time for a meal, and if you “wing it,” don’t blame anyone else if you catch a garbage meal.

Flame Tree at AK was far better than it had to be, and the Full Slab meal (unless they cut back,) was an absolute bargain. Was it the best bbq you’ll ever have? Nope. It was darned good for DIsney food / theme park, and for the price? That made it even better.

I thought Pecos Bill was horrific. Inedibly salty, and no real flavor other than extreme salt. I had the fajita platter, and threw most of it away. Columbia Harbor was WAY crowded, so we went with Pecos.

Electric Umbrella at EP. Just don’t. Doesn’t matter if you don’t want to backtrack, or you HAVE to eat right then and there. Just don’t. Find Sunshine seasons, it’s worth it if you want qs in FW.

If you are anywhere NEAR the Boardwalk, and you like ice cream, don’t follow the herd to Beaches and Cream, and the “MUST. MAKE. ADR.” farce. You need Ample Hills on the Boardwalk for ice cream. And I mean, any time you are anywhere NEAR the Boardwalk. It’s worth it.

Tangierene - don’t get your hopes up too much. It’s decent for WDW, but it’s not going to wow you if you have any kind of middle eastern place where you are from.


We like Pecos Bills @ Magic Kingdom, Sunshine Seasons @ Epcot.