Favorites at DS for TS?

So still trying to nail down our ADR. We are doing (hopefully!) CRT for lunch, Akershus for preRD breakfast, rainforest cafe in AK and TRex. We were looking for another TS restaurant for our last full day (resort day), probably in Disney Springs. Raglan Road looks great to me, but no one else in my party. (Sigh). Would love your thoughts! There are 8 of us - 2 parents, 2 grandparents, 4 kids - 11,11,6,5.

Thank you! :blush:

I have not been to Bongos yet, but her 2 sisters in Miami and Miami Beach are amazing.

Honestly , Raglan is my favorite for food and entertainment. I have been there with groups ranging from toddlers to seniors and everyone had a great time, and great food. My second choice would be Homecoming.

Tried Bongo’s and didn’t like it. Love Gloria too but did not care for the food at Bongo’s.

Raglan Road gets my vote. HUGE menu, great food and drink and excellent entertainment. Morimoto’s is also excellent. Haven’t been yet myself, but Homecoming gets universally great reviews. I was unimpressed with the Boathouse; very crowded and noisy, less than “signature quality” food for more than signature price - but a great place to stop for a drink on the back deck.

We tried Homecoming on our last trip and LOVED it! One of our favorite meals by far.

Another vote for Homecomin’. So good! Still not sure why they changed the name from Homecoming to Homecomin’, but as long as they keep making delicious food I can look past the odd spelling.

Raglan Road is amazing. Second choice (based on reviews as I haven’t been yet) is Homecomin’.

Raglan Road is very good, there should be something for everyone on the menu. I would also recommend the Boathouse.

Our family favorites at Disney Springs are Morimoto and Frontera Cocina, but I appreciate that their cuisines may not appeal to everyone. :slight_smile:

We love Homecomin’, especially their sweet tea moonshine punch in the squeeze bottle. :rofl: Their food is great, too.

We also love the Boathouse if we are going to a signature. We always share our meals and use dining credits, so it’s not as cost prohibitive as it might be OOP.

Thank you everyone!! Soooo much to think about. Wish I had time to try them all! I think we are leaning towards Raglan Road or Homecoming. So many yummy things in the menus! :blush:

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Little off topic but I would be interested in opinions on the House of Blues. Seem it is difficult to get a Dinner ADR in March. I had one, but gave it up for Raglan Road then tried to get one on a different day and time. So far, not to be.