Favorite TS Restaurants

What are your favorite, not to be missed, TS restaurants? Include parks, resorts, and DD please.



I’ve only been to Topolinos once for breakfast but I want to go back. I don’t say they often. Oh the chocolate waffles at A & C are wonderful too. I must have breakfast on the brain


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Lamplighter Longe brunch is pretty good


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Absolutely loved Lamplight Lounge for lunch. It was a breezy day and they seated us iat a table in the middle of the room with those big cushiony chairs with heat lamps above. After a delicious lunch, I want3d to curl up and take a nap.


Blue Bayou must be done at least once in a person’s lifetime. The ambiance can’t be beat. The food is very good as well.

Wine Country Trattoria has been a sleeper hit for us. We love the calamari appetizer and ribeye entree.

Naples has very good artisan pizzas.

Napa Rose gets rave reviews from those who want a signature experience, but I’ve never eaten there myself.

Cafe Orleans is a great casual TS location. They have the famous Monte Cristo.

Lamplight Lounge is another good one as others have said.

Oh, and my friend swears by Carthay Circle. I’ve never eaten there cause I’m too picky and the menu doesn’t have anything I like. :joy::joy::joy:


If we ever get back to Disneyland, we will definitely do Blue Bayou again. We’ll also try to get the first lunch reservation of the day like we did last time. Being in that environment is amazing enough no matter what, but even more so when you get to spend a few minutes in it practically empty. Everything about our meal was great, too. Worth the price.

Carnation Cafe is nothing fancy food-wise, but both of our meals there (breakfast and lunch) were good. It’s a lovely, historic Disneyland restaurant, and having both indoor and outdoor seating is nice just because you can eat at the same place twice and get a little bit of a different experience.


I like the food and drinks at Trader Sam’s and always try to get an ADR there.


You can get an ADR at the one at DL?! That’s excellent news!


Storytellers is the best buffet and always fantastic. Brunch is our favorite here for both characters and food selection.

Lamplight Lounge is our most recent new favorite (we boycotted it hard because we loved the two places that occupied the space before the Pixar Pier re-theme and were sad to lose them both for Lamplight but we were wrong to boycott for so long as the loss was all ours). We first tried it this July & have since gone back 2 more times. Everything about it is amazing from the atmosphere to the menu & the service.

Carnation Cafe is our standby favorite for its basic, delicious food & as mentioned above the historic Main St. feel is felt both in & out. Plus, our service here has always been phenomenal.

Napa Rose is an experience. We’ve only done the Princess Adventure Brunch and it was just last month and was meant to be a once in a childhood experience for our kids but was so worth every last penny and so amazing that we already have started talking about what special occasion will be the one to get us to fork over the mountain of moolah for it next.

We’ve always enjoyed Goofy’s Kitchen characters. The buffet is decent (Storyteller is DEFINITELY better though), and it can feel a little chaotic & ‘less than’ compared to Storytellers, but if you want a Disneyland Hotel meal and characters, it fits the bill. Over the years this one has got some fantastic pictures of our kids meeting characters here & our most recent time was no exception. So this one really is all about the characters. And the location that puts you wandering Disneyland Hotel which is phenomenal as well.

And then if you love characters Minnie’s breakfast at Plaza Inn is a great buffet too and can have up to 10 characters some days but will have at least 6 and usually rare ones. So it’s really fun.

Blue Bayou is a definitey must try once, but I definitely personally feel like it’s overrated. I only really want to do it if I can combine it with Fantasmic dining to kill two birds with one stone (and my husband refuses to watch Fantasmic in the standby crammed in like sardines sections).


Yes, you can! I hesitate to admit this, but I’d never been inside before as we usually just sit outside, so the shenanigans that go on inside were a surprise to me and my friends, one of which sat on the “magic” barstool. So fun! I had no idea!

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They have mostly all been said already but here is my list.

Lamplight (lobster nachos)
Cafe Orleans (Monte cristo and frittes)
Carthay (anything with an old fashioned)
Carnation (we like breakfast here and sitting outside to watch people walking down Main Street)

I also agree everyone should do Blue Bayou at least once. Get the first reservation time of the day and get there early to get a water table :grin:

Man I miss DLR


I wanted to ask a questuin about Blue Bayou vs New Orleans Cafe. The BB menu looks really small right now and the menus seem to overlap a bit. If you do Blue Bayou would you skip Cafe Orleans?

And tonnote - the Plaza breakfast is an increadible meet and great! So many characters, good buffet.


Yeah probably choose one or the other. I actually liked the food a little better at Orleans (I like the fries😂) and it’s much cheaper. BB has better ambiance and service and has the Fantasmic package option.


What @Jeff_AZ said.