Favorite Reusable Water Bottle?

What is your favorite type of reusable water bottle to carry in Orlando? Not carrying one is not an option for us, but the options are overwhelming. Help me fight decision-paralysis!

We all have Hydroflasks of varying sizes, and all chose different tops and carrying options.

Dh has a Paracord handle on his, ds has a net sleeve with a carry strap (wears it on his shoulder or cross body) and I have a Hydroflask sleeve/carry strap on mine. (Dd just carries hers w/o anything extra.)

We have had them for about 4-5 years now and really like them. During our last summer trip to WDW, we would fill with ice and water before leaving the resort, and would drink the water well before the ice melted!! … even in mid-July!


Brita with charcoal filter :droplet::droplet:


We like these smaller Under Armour ones:

They keep things cold (even in Florida summer we still have ice at the end of the day that we put in them in the morning). I like that they are smaller because they fit nicely in the backpack and are easy to carry. Each family member has one in a different pattern so we know which is which. And they don’t leak!


The Bubba series is our favorite and you can get them at Walmart or Target.

Just got this bottle for my trip. It’s a drinking AND misting bottle. Kudos to whoever invented this - very clever.

Drinking and Misting Sports Water Bottle, Non-Toxic BPA Free, Fast Water Flow Opens with 1-Click, Portable Leak-Proof Spray Cup for Cycling Fitness Camping Hiking Outdoor https://a.co/d/0l4wpGd

Works exactly as advertised

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Takea. They keep things cold, no condensation on the outside and you can take off the bigger top to drop drinks in.

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Have any two recommendations been the same yet?? :woman_facepalming:t4::rofl::rofl::rofl:


And this is my problem! :laughing: Something insulated sounds ideal, but carrying 4 is going to be so heavy!

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For keeping things cold (or hot) you just cannot beat a Hydroflask or Yeti.

But I need to see the liquid as a visual cue to keep drinking. So day to day I use a Nalgene which I freeze halfway every night.

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We are also Takeya users. I need cold water and ice stays all day. We like this brand over Hydro because they are a bit cheaper and like the lids that come with them.

Takeya Ocean Originals Vacuum-Insulated Stainless-Steel Water Bottle, 18oz https://a.co/ckPyr31


They are lighter too! They don’t keep quite as cold as the heavy ones, but they do keep things cold all day. The ice is a little melted as opposed to hardly melted.

And the handy dandy handle lets me secure it on my back pack so it isn’t always falling out. And the 18oz fits all the way in my Vera Bradly hipster purse so I can zip it closed on rides.

I still have my first one from a Disney trip in 2017.


Yes I have different sizes. Smaller 18oz fits in my Loungefly backpack. If DH is with me I bring the 24oz because he carries a bigger bag :joy:


I’ll add to the Takeya love. We love those water bottles and have several in multiple sizes. Definitely taking them with us to Disney in a few days.

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We bought HydraFlow at Sam’s when we went in June 2021. I think it was a 2 pack and came with 2 lid options, pop top with straw and an open twist type. There were solid colors and patterns, so everyone had a different one.
Like the others listed, they stayed cold all day and we still had ice at the end of the day.



This is what I am using right now…double walled stainless … So stays cold, and no condensation. Filter, so no FL water taste. Refill as I go.

It is a little taller than most, but I really like it.

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I should add that our Hydroflasks are all different sizes. I have a 21oz because it was important to me that it fit in the cupholder in my car. Dd chose the 21oz size as well…but I don’t know why. Ds and dh have 40oz bottles, which I think are huge… but they love them.

The other upside to the 21oz size is that it has a standard “mouth” and that it is small enough to fit in my park bag without being too small to hold water.

I use an aftermarket (not made by Hydroflask) top on mine to have the flip top straw (HF didn’t have them available for standard mouth bottles).

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So I’m going to throw another one in the mix.


I love this one bc in addition to keeping everything cold and ice unmelted, it has a button you push to open it so there’s no chance of an accidental spill,. Also you don’t have to unscrew any cap to access it, and the handle flips down flsuh with the lid so if you want to hang it you can, but if not it’s not cumbersome in any way. It’s fairly lightweight and the mouth is large enough to fit basically any ice cube inside too.

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