Favorite Restaurants from Around the World (Disney)

So, a friend and I were talking abut Disney and they wanted advice on where to go. You are so blessed with options but it is hard to direct to someone on “where to go” as there are so many variables. So I was trying to dial it in over resorts vs. parks. Here is what came to mind for me.

Cali Grill
Maybe Sebastian’s now for a neat experience
Maybe Sana’a for a nice view

Le Cellier
Teppan Edo
I love a San Angel Inn lunch at least
Tusker House (breakfast)

I would throw out BnC for a great treat and Via Napoli for some pizza.

Did someone do a poll on this? What have I missed? V&A is still closed so a no-go.

Type this in the search bar and you will find them: (TS, QS by location and overall)


Restaurant poll @Jeff_AZ


I will add Tiffins in park. BlueZoo, Flying Fish, Narcoossee at resorts.

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I have done Tiffin’s and Narcoosee and agree. I have never done BlueZoo or Flying Fish. Yum!

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I would have a really hard time trying to advise anyone, without first asking them questions to help point them in the right direction. Things such as their budget, ordinary vs more unusual foods, buffet or not, foods to avoid (such as friends who don’t eat fish), purpose (to just eat vs special occasion).

I know people here have lots of love for restaurants that we have no interest in due to things like budget, location, menu offerings. Nothing against these “not for us” restaurants, but they quickly fall aside for us based on some basics. Maybe that will happen for your friends - or maybe not at all! Good luck.

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We loved Storybook at Artist Point. Don’t see that in the List.

Every trip we try and go somewhere new. My trip this week includes Sci Fi & Topolinos breakfast.

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Three Bridges at CSR
Boathouse or Jaleo at Disney Springs
Skipper Canteen at MK

If you’re including QS, Satu’li Canteen at AK

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We have that on our to-do list as well. Good one.

Bull and Bear at the Waldorf (Next to Bonnet Creek) Named one of the top 100 Restaurants in the US by Open Table.

And Shula’s in the Dolphin had the best steak I’ve had in the last 20 years, if not ever.

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