Favorite Resort Music?

This is a hard one and it popped into my head earlier as I was cutting my grass. What is your favorite resort music at WDW?

For me I think it would have to be Port Orleans Riverside - I love the New Orleans Jazz sound in the lobby and all over the grounds there - I even love it on the DTD Ferry.

Second place for me is a tie because both really put me in place when I walk in the door to the resort and that is Boardwalk Inn and Animal Kingdom Lodge. I think tho if I had to pick I would go for BWI because you hear the music in more areas than at AKL .

So what are yours???

I honestly don’t know, but now I know i’ll be paying more attention to what the music sounds like when we go on our trip lol.

Well here is something to hold you over… there are others on youtube too… or I have found the playlist and look up the songs and I added it to my Spotify playlist.

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I really like the music at Pop, especially on the buses to and from the parks. There’s a surf-rock sounding cover of the Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture show, which confuses and delights me every time I hear it.


I have a feeling that Pop would be very popular, I am just not a fan of the pop music at Pop… lol

Yep, I have wished for a CD with that Pop music so many times!!! :slight_smile:

I like pretty much all of it, but when I first realized what was playing, I did a double take.

I also had to stop myself from doing Rocky callbacks on the bus, because, well…Rocky is not family-friendly in general, shadowcasts even less so.