Favorite QS and TS at each park

We have the dining plan for our trip and have looked at tons of menus. What do you think that the best TS and QS restaurants at each park (not signature since we only want to spend one credit per meal)? I have a few must do’s, but would love to have suggestions for others.

Best in terms of food or best use of a dining credit? Those are often two different answers. BOG breakfast is stupidly expensive so it’s a good use of a QS dining credit, but the food isn’t outstanding.

I would like to make good use of the dining plan credits (money wise), but also want the meals to be yummy. So, if a restaurant is delicious, but not as good of a value on the dining plan it is ok. I was thinking about doing a late BOG breakfast on an extra magic hours morning as an air conditioned break from the August heat since we will likely skip lunch for the 5:15 Spirit of Aloha.

A late BOG breakfast would be a great QS credit use (and they do have alcohol available). The food isn’t bad but it’s not outstanding.

Flame Tree at AK is good food and a good QS credit use (depending on what you get–the sampler platter is large).

One of best TS uses of a single dining credit is the new Storybook Dining at Artist Point. Fabulous food and one credit!! But it is at WL and not a park.

MK: QS-Columbia Harbour House or SLeepy Hollow
TS -LIberty Tree Tavern
HS: QS- (don’t have a favorite)
TS- 50s Primetime
AK: QS-Flame Tree or Satu’li
TS- Yak and Yeti
E: QS- Yorkshire Fish Shop
TS- Via Napoli

Mk QS =Columbia House TS= Ohana in Poly
HS QS= ABC Commentary TS none
AK QS=Flaming Tree TS= Yeti and Yeti
E QS= Seasons TS= Bomgarrten

MK: QS-Columbia Harbor House , TS - Skippers Canteen
EP: QS-Tangierine Cafe, TS - Spice Road Table, Rose and Crown
HS: QS - no recent experience here, TS - 50s Prime Time Cafe, Sci Fi, Mama Melrose (my family loved them all in June 2017)
AK: QS - Satuli Cantten, Flame Tree BBQ, TS - Tusker House

MK: QS-Columbia Harbor House , TS - Skippers Canteen
EP: QS-Tangierine Cafe, TS - Biergarten, Tepon Edo
HS: QS - none, do snacks instead, TS - 50s Prime Time Caf
AK: QS - Satuli Cantten, yak and Yeti QS, TS - Yak and Yeti