Favorite Princess Character Breakfast which one

If you could pick only one Princess Character Breakfast in either Magic Kindgom or Epcot which one would you choose and WHY? Was leading towards the breakfast at Akershus but now not sure as I hear mixed reviews. And I thought it would help doing breakfast and getting to see Anna and Elsa next door. Thoughts anyone. will be first week in Aug, this Summer

I am making my ADRs in 17 days and have been crazy with planning. Up until yesterday I was completely sold on Akershus (both for the benefit of Elsa/Anna/FEA and also because it is so many princesses in the same place). It is cheaper than CRT by a lot, and if you can get a reservation early enough, you can still beat the rush to a ride or two.

Then I read some reviews of the food, and now I’m completely torn. The breakfast seems sort of terrible. Pastries and hot food seem like a good option but my daughter will eat literally nothing except bacon out of the choices available, and to bring her outside food to a place where I have to pay for her regardless is a waste IMO. I have changed my plans to eating at Akershus for an early lunch instead, where the menu is more appealing to everyone.

We did CRT breakfast for our honeymoon, and my sister and her children did CRT dinner last November. If it is in your price range, it is a really magical experience. You’re inside the heart of the MK, the food is typical breakfast fare, and the princesses are really gracious and take their time. I am doing CRT (hopefully) for dinner or it would be my breakfast choice for sure out of the two.

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We loved the breakfast at Akershus. The food Is fine, but the interaction was the best IMO. The princesses spend a lot of time and they do a parade with the kids. I would love to try the Bon Voyage breakfast at Trattoria Al Forno if you could get an early enough time.

We have done both princess meals. Akershus for dinner and CRT for breakfast. If you are going for food, CRT wins hands down, it has the typical breakfast foods my kids like; Akershus has ok food but my picky eaters had chicken. That being said, if you are deciding between the two in terms of princesses and interactions, Akershus is by far the better of the two. My DD4 still raves about the parade with the princesses. At CRT I felt rushed whereas at Akershus they really interact with everyone, even my DS11 smiled as they engaged with him. We are going in May and have reservations at Akershus again.


Would you say that Akershus for lunch/dinner wins over CRT breakfast if ONLY in terms of food?

We are not “foodies” so we always find something we will eat wherever we are. The breakfast at CRT was very good. I’m saying that we go to these restaurants for the characters, not the food. Lol. The interaction is much better at Akershus. We don’t think that 2 dinning credits/price is worth it at CRT, but that is just my opinion. We always choose Akershus for either lunch or dinner instead of breakfast, more options for my picky eaters.


We’re not foodies either by any means, I just want to make sure we have something for everyone. :slight_smile: Thanks for your input, it’s super helpful to me!

:blush: have fun!

We did dinner at both last trip. Akershus was a little more busy/rushed. The meeting areas for Cinderella at CRT and Belle at Akershus were similar. We liked the main course better at CRT and the kid’s dessert. Akershus had a much better appetizer and their dessert slightly better though. Kid’s meal was a tie. CRT seemed better laid out for the princess interaction during the meal (I don’t know whether we got a better table at CRT or if the tables are more spaced out?) and DD got excited every time a new princess was announced while at Akershus the princess are just circling the room. Overall, Akershus was fine but if we were to return to one it would be CRT.

ETA: If the cost difference is a concern and you had never been to CRT you might be satisfied with Akershus