Favorite park

We r going to wdw for 8days. I would like one day " off " at Disney springs so that leaves 7 days of park time. If we go to each park once ( 4 days) and Disney springs ( 5days) it leaves 2 days for parks left . ( I’m not counting arrival/departure day) which are your favorite and why?

Probably best to identify your priorities based on the type of attraction you enjoy, which is different for everyone. Epcot and MK Are both milti-day affairs if you want to dig in beyond the headliners. I’m intending to actually do three full Epcot days on my trip as I’ll have 10 to play around with. I really want to dig in to the little things and linger at all the countries and be a foodie. For the kids (teenagers), we’ll have two structured MK days, and then one or two to just throw plans to the wind and do whatever they want. If that means 5 runs on all the mountains, then we’ll do 5 runs on all the mountains

I have not been to AK since Pandora opened but it is my favorite park. To me, it is magical! EE is one of my favorite attractions and FoLK, my favorite show but I do not considered either of them when Ibsay AK is my favorite. I love how the park is always different . You can go down a trail and see something you never noticed before. I love to look at the ground and see a hidden Mickey, or round a corner and find another performing group!

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Magic Kingdom deserves two days. So does EPCOT, but MK is a must, IMO.

I love MK because it has so many classic rides, and the feel of many changes from day to night - so we always end up with 2 days there.

But we just did our first visit to AK and I was blown away by the detail and agree with PrincipalTink’s assessment.
People often said it was a half day park, I wish we had done 2 days there this last trip.

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I think my family is the minority but our favorite park is Hollywood Studios with Animal Kingdom as a close second. Magic Kingdom is actually our least favorite but could easily take up several days to do stuff if we had the time.

MK 2 days definitely. My kids would say Epcot bc they love Soaring and Test Track. I love HS and I’m not even a Star Wars fan.

Our favorite park is Animal Kingdom!! But if we are planning a second visit to a park we would choose Magic Kingdom & Epcot because there is plenty to do for everyone.

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Favorites are AK and MK! I always do two days in those. My ideal solution in your situation would be extra MK day and park hop AK and Epcot on other spare day.

Magic Kingdom probably will always beat out the others in my mind. We have made mock touring plans to decide what parks to visit. The plan with the least “free time” in schedule wins. Not that free time is bad, it just means we only had a half day of interest in that park. As a general rule, MK and Epcot have the most attractions for a second visit.

MK has long been my favorite but AK is really giving it a run for its money these days!!!

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HS is our favourite too. We’re definitely in the minority though!

They’re all great! It’s like trying to pick your favourite child! Honestly my favourite park is always the one that allows me to stroll, when its not wall to wall people. Epcot at night after Illuminations is my favourite. I’m sure AK with Pandora at night might end up my favourite once I see it. Magic Kingdom is incredible at night as well…especially during MNSSHP. Once Star Wars, and Toy Story open in HS…that will be my favourite! (I know what your thinking…I picked them all…Yes, yes I did.)


AK…but I went before Pandora. I am sure that it is still my favorite.

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They are all great in their own way

Would probably say evening in Epcot for dining