Favorite park ticket lanyards/holders?

I’d love some links if you have a favorite ticket holder and/or lanyard to share. We’ll be UOR 1st timers. I’ve heard lanyards are the way to go.

I used these https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0832Y12LV?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details
to hold park tickets/room key. For the lanyards we’ve usually used ones purchased from one of the gift shops and an early souvenir.

Lanyards are very useful for easily keeping your park ticket on you when using a locker. Also if you have express passes, its super easy to show it and then get it scanned before the ride.

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IMO, the Universal store website has some of the nicest and best quality lanyards. Most of these are probably available on site too. Lanyards | UNIVERSAL ORLANDO

If you purchase any lanyard online or onsite that includes a card holder, the quality of the card holder is usually poor so I also recommend getting those on Amazon. Most use the vertical ones.


I haven’t seen badge holders on lanyards at UOR recently. The only ones that did were the photo pass lanyards and the AP lanyard.

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Very happy with these Harry Potter lanyards (way cheaper than waiting to buy in the parks, link goes to Ravenclaw, but they have all 4 houses): https://a.co/d/3IrVnLT

And these sealable/waterproof badge holders: https://a.co/d/3BC2e1o

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I have also gone on Amazon to buy horror themed ones for HHNs in the past .

It’s a silly system, but they sell the pouches separately!! You’ll see dozens of styles of lanyards all on hooks w/out badge holders. Then on a separate rack, you’ll see the corresponding themed pouch for $3 more. If you want a generic “clear” pouch it’s only $1 - but it still has “Universal / WWOHP” printed on one side…


Thanks everyone! I knew I could count on you for great suggestions.

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IME - The biggest aspect of having the lanyard is making sure the pouch has a SEALED top - like a zipper or snap. The pouches with only a flap are great for a business trade show or something, but items can fall out too easily at a theme park.

The ones they sell at UOR do have a “zipper” top. (The zippers are cheap and can be pulled off. No worries! It’s not hard to get it back on and most TM’s at stores are pros at getting them back on ASAP. It happens routinely…)


So the tickets are vertical?

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Tickets are horizontal, but room keys are vertical. I’ve used horizontal badge holders.


Candidly, TMs NEVER “examine” your hotel key for EPA or anything. You just “flash” it as you walk by. (You could easily use an old key if staying off-site and still get into EPA… :wink::innocent:)

So it won’t matter if your key is sideways as long as it’s in a clear pouch and visible

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Going down there 1st time this summer with annual passes. Can I not just keep my annual pass in my back pocket…even on rides that require lockers?

And I will have premier annual passes; will I have some type of separate card for the after 4pm express pass?


You can keep the pass in your pocket for sure but make sure it’s secure! I’m fairly certain they scan your pass itself as the express pass for the premier passes


You can absolutely keep your passes and tickets in your wallet. People wear lanyards because you’ll be using those things often.

At Universal you have to use lockers at almost all rides. Your passes open those for you. Your AP is scanned when using your AP discount. If you have Express Pass (UXP) you have to show and scan your tickets. If you are eligible for early admission you have to show your pass or hotel keys & etc…

That’s why most people wear lanyards. It’s just so convenient as you’ll be showing & scanning it often.

Have fun!

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