Favorite offsite hotel and why

What are your favorite offsite resort hotels and why? It would just be for the hubby and I.

I always stay on site when planning a WDW vacation, but I have stayed off site on several occasions for conferences (and included some WDW time). If I had to stay off site, this would be high on my list


Not overly deluxe, but decent sized rooms, clean, and a good staff. Real bonus is a free full breakfast buffet every morning and a free “reception” every evening with a large hors d’oeuvres spread - and free alcohol. It was less than a 10 minute drive to the main gate of WDW. If there’s a negative (not for me but probably for some) it doesn’t have much of a pool; just your basic cement rectangle in a small fenced-in patio.

Another option my be this

It doesn’t have the free food and drink, but it has much prettier grounds and a very nice pool; definitely more of “resort” feel to it. This one is literally across the street from WDW; you can be on property (entering past DS) in less than 5 minutes.

We really enjoyed Marriott Grande Vista. Beautiful pools and nice large units. They have studios as well as 1,2 and 3 bedrooms.

We just stayed at the Hilton Grand Vacations at Tuscany Village right by the outlets on Vineland. I would recommend it on the condition that you request to not be in building 1. Building 1 apparently has a hot water problem…building 7 was fine. :smile:

MouseSavers has a list of ‘Preferred Hotels’ close to WDW:

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I just wrote about this in another post, so I am pasting my answer for you below.

My family stayed at the Sheraton Vistana Resort Villas last year and loved it! It’s 3.5 or 4 stars (depending on the site you book it on). It has 7 pools, tennis courts, mini golf, 3 restaurants on site and is really great for families. They have 2 bedroom and 1 bedroom villas that are really nice and spacious. We stayed in a 2 bedroom villa. I’d say it’s comparable to a deluexe hotel or villas onsite at WDW.

The resort is only a 10 minute drive to WDW…so it’s closer than some “onsite WDW hotels” if you have a car to get to WDW.

I spent a month researching hotels last year and this hotel had it all: tons of amenities, great location (close to WDW, shopping and restaurants), plus there was no resort fee. We got free parking, free wifi internet and free access to the resort and daily housekeeping.

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We stayed at Holiday Inn at Lake Buena Vista it was great because they put buses on to the Disney Parks plus you can walk to Disney Springs in 10 minutes from there

If you are going for more than a few days, I suggest you get a big villa or condo style place with a washer and dryer. We went to WDW for 11 days last year and I could not believe how hot and humid it was! I used the washer and dryer every other day since we went to the pool every day and our clothes got super sweaty in the heat (90 to 100 degrees every day)! You could not wear anything twice and usually needed 2 outfits per day. That is on my “must” list for hotels and resorts.