Favorite night ride

Do you all have a WDW ride that you love to ride at night? Planning our first WDW trip, we are DLR pros and always have to hit the Matterhorn and Screamin’ at night and love to catch BTMR during fireworks! So I was wondering if all you WDW pros have a must do for night touring.


When is your trip? If Big Thunder is open I would put that on my list as well as: Everest, 7DMT, PeopleMover, and Dumbo.

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Not until December but I’m working on my strategy for booking FPP! We are hoppers but plan to hit each park at least once during the evening.

Then Big Thunder will be open!

YAY! That’s my favorite DL ride :wink:

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People Mover

Many of the ones already listed like Dumbo, 7DMT & People Mover really shine at night. Love People Mover during the fireworks with the random views of fireworks around the castle. I also like Splash Mountain at night as the lit up Castle views are great. And while Astro Orbiter isn’t a great ride, it’s far better at night. I’m also a big fan of Jungle Cruise in the dark as the animatronics become a lot more believable when you can’t see them as well…

Peoplemover is my hands-down favorite at night, but you won’t need a FP for that! LOL. Other than that, I agree with Damavs, Jungle Cruise is a completely different ride at night.

I also like doing Tower of Terror at night. For that split second you’re at the top and you can see across the park, it’s so pretty at night.

EE gets my vote as favorite, followed by BTMRR and JC. Of course AK now has the night safaris, which are on my must do list for my next trip.

Thank you all so much! Definatly adding EE, 7DMT and PM for sure since those are rides we don’t have at DLR! Will try and time PM with fireworks, that sounds amazing!

@willijen I agree I LOVE TOT at night too!

I honestly don’t recall if we have ever done JC at night, will try that one if we have time or add it to the night list on our next DLR visit.

Big Thunder is a much different ride at night. I didn’t realize how little lighting there was on the track until I rode it in November last year after dark. Awesome to see the areas outside the ride all lit up, but a bit more intense when you can’t really see the track in front of you.

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In the last 30 minutes or hour prior to park close, Jungle Cruise is effectively a walk on in my experience. If you’re on that side of the park late, it’s a great last stop on the way back to Main Street…

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I seem to enjoy Haunted Mansion more when I ride at night. Especially the queue.

We are DLR regulars who went to WDW for our first time this last spring and ride-wise the Peoplemover at night was my very most favorite thing about the trip. It was the only ride I requested we do 2x. Going into the trip, I thought for sure I would be requesting RnR or ToT for a second time, but nope, Peoplemover and specifically at night, was the only one I just HAD to do a 2nd time.