Favorite MK at night?

What’s your favorite thing(s) to do at MK at night? We’re planning to have an early supper at CG with DD 6&9, then walk over for our first visit to MK for our trip in March. Staying for Wishes, will visit MK another 2-3 times this trip…how would you plan that first evening? Thx!

You will have FPs? I would try to schedule 7DMT if possible or Big Thunder since I think they are both better at night. I also enjoy Dumbo, and Peoplemeover at night!

I also love Big Thunder at night. Jungle Cruise, Astro Orbiter too. I usually dislike the Speedway, but I think it’s slightly better at night. :grin:

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Thx! I am on my FP+ booking countdown, trying to spread them out & choose wisely :wink:
Sounds like Big Thunder is a must, then, and I was leaning towards a cpl things in Tomorrowland as well. Trying to capture the fun of nighttime at MK for the kids :smile:

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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is good at night. Big Thunder too.


We love the TTA at night (or anytime, really)!

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I love the TTA, Big Thunder, Splash and 7DMt at night. Last time there we were on Splash and could see the Main Street Electrical parade which was cool.
Anything at night at MK is better it seems.

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I also love PeopleMover and Astro Orbiter at night, because you can see nice views of things all lit up. You shouldn’t need FP for Astro at night, and People Mover never needs one. I’d use FP for Big Thunder and 7D.