Favorite lunch spots

What are some of your favorite TS and QS lunch spots?

I love Satuli Canteen and find myself craving it regularly. I also like Tangerine Cafe.

I am trying to get ideas for our end of February trip with @BenF12400. We are doing YC club level and typically only do 1-2 ADR given that the cl breakfast and dinner fills us up.

Likely going to do Woodys lunchbox our HS day, obviously Satuli, CHH one of our MK days, and TC one of the Epcot days.

We loved Satuli at AK. At Epcot our favourite is Les Halles Boulangerie and we also like Sunshine Seasons. At MK we have enjoyed eating at Pecos Bill and CHH.

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I like sunshine seasons too! World showcase has so much to offer in the way of food, I think it gets overlooked.

Love HBD at HS - it can get $$ but it is delicious. lunch prices aren’t too bad. They also have the little terrace available with a smaller menu.

So many options at the MK resorts too - maybe consider ducking out of the park for a quick meal. We did Citrico’s for a nice dinner and it was very good. This time we are doing Geyser Point at WL as a relaxing QS and break from the park.
Have heard great things about spots at all the MK resorts. Seems like you almost can’t go wrong in that area.

We have the same plan as you do, but are staying CL at the BWI. I usually schedule TS lunches anyway, just to get out of the madness for an hour or two.

I like SciFi Diner at HS for the atmosphere, especially on a hot, crowded day. It’s cool, dark and fairly quiet with a fun theme. The food can be hit-or-miss, according to some, but I’ve always liked it when we went. We’re going to do Woody’s Lunchbox this time because it fits better with the plan and we haven’t eaten there before.

I’m also thinking about the Jungle Cruise Skipper’s Canteen at MK, it’ll be either that or BOG. Also like upstairs at the CHH.

At AK we prefer Yak & Yeti over Satuli because Y&Y is TS, but I would like to try Satuli so we’ll see.

We loved Skipper Canteen in September. Very pleasant surprise!!

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