Favorite Lunch at HS?

Looking for lunch recommendations for our HS day. We prefer QS, but open to hearing all options. We have only done HD there-for dinner-which is great. We don’t like to do super heavy lunches, as we are not big eaters.

Background: we are staying YC CL so breakfast and dinner is covered, lunch is literally chips and cookies. BOG style lunch is the perfect amount of food for us…Skippers Canteen slowed me down a bit, or maybe the sangria did :wink:

Backlot or maybe a 50s reservation and split a couple of meals?

50s isn’t always quick though. If you check the reviews on Trip advisor lots of people have 20 minute wait times to get seated despite pre bookings (we did when we were there as well)

If you did book there I would look to get an early lunch seating so that you are one of the first ones in and less chance of having to wait for a table as it could mess up your plans for the rest of the day

We had to skip dessert to get to a show when we were there due to the delay

Backlot Express is our favourite now.

Backlot Express. The mobile ordering was great, and they have the Darth Vader and BB-8 cupcakes. :cake:

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Thanks all! Thinking Backlot Express

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