Favorite character BREAKFAST experience at Disneyland?

We’ve done Surf’s Up at PP (pretty good) and Critter Breakfast at Storyteller’s Cafe (wouldn’t recommend). What should we do this year? Girls are 7 and 9. Thanks!

Our kids have really enjoyed Goofy’s Kitchen at the DLH as well as the Plaza Inn inside DL. The food is served buffet style at both locations. We thought the food was good, but it’s really the experience with the characters that put both of these at the top of our character meal list! The characters, both in variety and quantity, are fantastic at both!! Also, I’ve heard that Ariel’s Grotto at DCA is good for fans of the princesses. Have fun! :smile:

Goofy’s Kitchen is super fun – a little noisy and chaotic! We also had a good time at Storyteller’s Cafe, but it was definitely more subdued, had fewer choices, and had mostly obscure nature-related characters. It was more…um…sophisticated, if you can call it that when there are chipmunks around! We just did Surf’s Up in June and it was fun also – not super crowded and lots of access to characters, including Mickey.

We like the plaza.

The only one we have tried at DLR is Goofy’s Kitchen, but we have done several at WDW. I thought that Goofy’s Kitchen was great - character interaction was particularly good. Chip even sat down with me once. We saw all of them multiple times. Food was also surprisingly good - it’s a buffet, but better than many that I have tried.