Fav WS Snacks + Drinks

Alright, friends. If you had to pick one snack and one drink from each WS pavilion what would you choose?

Also, how much would you judge a 30-something mom with 4 kids in tow and no other adults for having an adult beverage or two while doing some WS touring? Asking for a friend…


I’m asking for me. I’m the friend. And I’m gonna need a drink or two to survive touring with my minions in the July heat. :tipping_hand_woman:t2:


Great big German pretzel with mustard and a Riesling in Germany :heart_eyes:

Also bring on the wine and cocktails! You earned it :+1:

I’m not sure how you would manage 4 kids without it!


Sounds like you fully deserve a drink or 3. No judgement here. I’ve pushed a stroller around WS with one hand while holding a drink in the other!

I can’t really pick one snack and one drink per country. We always start off with some margaritas to go from la Cava, then follow it up with some snacks by the time we make our way around to Karmel Kuche in Germany. Everything else is always just what looks good at the time! Slushes in France are usually worth a stop though.

France - macaron ice cream sandwich, croissant sandwich at les halles
China - if you like chocolate and coffee, Tipsy Ducks in Love at Joy of Tea

Why do you think strollers have cupholders? :rofl:


True, but I can’t drink it while it’s in the cupholder, can I?

Maybe I need to invest in one of those beer helmets, just for WS! :rofl:

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Get a longer straw!

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There’s a vegetable sampler at the counter service place, Tangierine Cafe in Morocco that’s great for sharing. Have to sit at a table and dig in. Falafel, hummus, and a few other things. It’d be a lot for one, but five of us - 2 adults & 3 kids - found it to be just right when eating around the world.

I’m so glad everyone is encouraging me to drink! Thanks for the nudge, friends. And thanks for the snack tips!!

Remember, one glass of wine is day-drinking and is frowned upon. 5 glasses of wine is a tasting and is always classy



I am too cheap, I mean frugal, to drink much alcohol in restaurants unless it is an open bar at a wedding, but for snacks. I love the ice cream at L’Artisan des Glaces in France. I like the snacks at Kringla, no particular favorite, depends on what they have. Not a big cupcake fan anywhere in WDW.

I say you need a drink per day, per kid!

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I’m 49 years old my parents have been married for 54 years and I for 20. I have never seen my parents drunk and my 18 year old DD can say the same about me and DW. With that said I was young once and have over indulged more the a hand full of time, but once I became a parent I have cut down. I can’t remember the last time I had more then 2 drinks in a day. Drinking is ok with children but drunkenness your asking for judgement, but with a few drinks you should be fine and to hell with anyone who cares.
Germany and France anything in their bakery and I loved the grapefruit beer in Germany.