Fastpasses when park hopping

Fast pass question: we are splitting a day between parks, AK in am and Epcot later. We only used 2 of 3 fastpasses for AK. I know we can’t use the third one for Epcot now, but on the day of, will we be able to use it right away? Will we need to use the other two (or all 3) first, before we can get one at Epcot?!

You do not need to use all three to book one at EP. I have booked another park right away, in line, after scanning the second fast pass when I booked two. I think someone reported you may be able to book it once you scan your first one , but I am not confident of that.

Thanks for your reply!
Hoping someone else can weigh in, on the off chance you can book at a different park after using just one of the two? In fact, the way it’s worded on the disney website, I even wondered if i would book the third at epcot on the day of regardless of whether i used the other two yet (like, either after midnight or after the parks open).

OK so here’s my low down on how you can park hop with fastpasses.

Firstly, remember you can have up to 3 pre-booked fastpasses in one park.

  • If you have only booked 1 fastpass at your first park, once you have tapped into the fp line, you can now make 2 more “initial” fastpasses in any park(s) without tier restrictions.

  • If you have pre-booked 2 fastpasses at your first park, again once you have tapped into the FIRST fp line, the fp system now knows you are in a park, and you can now make 1 more “initial” fastpass in any park, without tier restrictions.

  • If you actually originally made 3 in one mark, but then decide you want to park hop after using the first (or second), you must CANCEL the remaining one(s) before making the new one(s) in a different park(s). Modifying your 2nd or 3rd will not work.

Now for possible (known) glitches!

  • Your FP must drop off MDE for this to work. If it doesn’t (and this can happen), you may need GS to sort this for you. But they would need to do this anyway if you wanted to make any more FPs even in the same park.

  • If your first FP ride is down and you get an anytime FP for it, then you will need to tap in to the next one before you can do the park hop “trick”.


Will modify work?

No. Modifying it will mean it’s keeping it’s status an a pre-booked FP so would have to be in the same park. That’s why you have to cancel it, and make a new one.

And when people report they could not do it, it usually turns out they tried to modify instead of cancelling and making a new one.

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But modifying works before that day?

Within the same park, yes. You can only hold them in advance in the same park.

No, I think you check fast passes in another park by modifying?

Yes I think you can see availability that way.

But I was specifically talking about adding an FP for a different park before you have used your initial 3. For that, you must cancel any FPs left in your current (pre-booked) park and add a brand new one in another park. You cannot do that step by modifying.

This only works ahead of time? How to check for FP availability in another park without losing the current FP selections

No idea what you’re asking here, or if you’re asking anything. I’m sure that works great for checking availability.

I wrote out the steps to how to park hop with your iinitial 3 permitted FPs. Nothing to do with checking availability. Now obviously you have to do that to see what you can add, but my point is about getting that 2nd and 3rd FP on the day in a different park.

In that scenario, you must CANCEL first (if applicable), then book the new FPs.

I feel like there is something here I am not getting, so yes- I am asking as I am trying to understand. The general rule I have always heard was to never, ever cancel after you have used one (in this case is that not true?). When I look at @AuntB_luvsDisney, directions it seems as if you confirmed her steps you would change parks without cancelling? What am I missing?

I am going to apologize to @emmasue,. I think your question has been answered by @Nicky_S, but @Nicky_S has said something that I think will teach me something new- and I love that!

OK. I think I get it. Sorry, I was genuinely confused if/ what you were asking too, didn’t mean to sound sarcastic.

So @AuntB_luvsDisney’s instructions are exactly how to check for FP availability in another park.

So now you have your 3 FPs for AK, and you have arrived there and ridden FOP.

Having used @AuntB_luvsDisney’s instructions to check, you find actually you could hop over to Epcot and ride TT and MIssion Space - if only you hadn’t already got another 2 FPs to use first.

If you tried to MODIFY your Dinosaur FP to TT, following through those instructions, the system would give you a message like “Not so fast, you can only have FPs in one park at a time”.

So first you have to CANCEL both Dinosaur and Kali. Then you can ADD new FPs.

You’re not cancelling used FPs , you’re cancelling unused ones.

Does that make sense? You can’t follow through on the checking availability to actually MODIFY to another park. But you can do it by coming back out and using CANCEL first, then ADD.

It does, but when I looked at her update it seems as if she used an “add fast pass option” that I never saw. I currently don’t have an AP to check, and I do not know if this is just for APs? Maybe that is what I am missing?

Not sure. From everything I’ve seen, in order to do it after using one FP but before using the rest, you have to cancel first. I think if you just wanted to do it the morning of going to the parks, before you’ve ridden any FP rides, it probably works OK. But once you’ve started on your FPs you have to cancel first.

I’ve done this but from a starting point of only having one booked, and then having two booked. Not from changing plans mid-way through 3 pre-booked FPs.

I agree with everything @Nicky_S is saying in this post. This has been my experience too!

So your add fast pass would not lead to the same end point if you confirmed? Would it if you did it before you use one?

So if you only make 1 FP before hand say at MK and decide to park hop, you could make FP for two tier 1 rides? Like RNR and TSMM?

No, you would still be limited to one tier 1 in a park. You could book one tier one, use it and then hop and book a tier 1 in the other park.

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