4 Parks/1 Day Touring Plan

Thanks for sharing @galuchies, it looks like a good plan, oddly similar to ours in the general flow. Somehow I convinced my wife that this was a good choice. We’ll see how this works. 14 days 'til launch.

We do not have FP for SDD, but we’re ok with waiting in one or two long lines in order to experience a few new things.

Not far behind you, my 4 park day is for 4/10

Well, this will be interesting to compare notes after our trips!

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I also noticed that MK has EMH the night we are planning to end our day there. If we plan on making a dash over to 7DMT to finish the night after Happily Ever After, as long as we get there before park close, we should be ok to wait in the standby line, correct? This is our backup plan for the night, as we definitely want to ride, but also are willing to wait in that line at the end of our day, but not at 6 or 7 without FPs.

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I have one more follow-up question that I am hoping someone can answer for me. I have three FPs scheduled for Epcot in the early afternoon, and if we choose not to use one of them and cancel it, will we be able to get additional FPs at MK later that day even though we’ve only used 2 at Epcot? I have gotten mixed answers on this one so far, and could really use some advice here. Thanks in advance.

I believe the answer is yes. My understanding was that as soon as you use any in one park, you are eligible for same-day at any other park for any tier.

Edit: This post will almost certainly help.

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As stated, that’s not quite accurate. You have to use all THREE FPs (or cancel/tap-in) before you can start scheduling same-day at any other park. You can’t just use ONE in the park and then start reserving same-day.

You can let them expire, or tap-in to speed up the process.

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So in this instance, as soon as we tap-in at our last FP in EP (or cancel it), I can start scheduling new FPs at MK? For example, if we use our last FP on SSE, while in line there (once having tapped in) I can start looking for a new FP at MK. Do I have that right?

Yes. That’s correct.

And to speed things up, you can try to modify. That is, tap into your first FP. Then, while you are in line, start to try to modify your NEXT FP to an earlier time. If you’re lucky, you can find something that opens up shortly after you get off the first ride. Then, tap-in to the second FP and start modifying your third. In this way, your minimum 3-hour (well, 2 hour, I guess) time for your FPPs could have you done with all three in 30 minutes! :slight_smile:


I have no actual knowledge here. I was just basing my answer off @Nickysyme :

Oh. Yes. In reading your response, I thought you meant you could have 3 FPPs scheduled, and then starting booking a same-day after you tap into your first. But it is true you’d have to cancel your other two. I think there is limitation, though, on whether you can obtain a Tier 1 or not depending on if that first one was a Tier 1 or not.

And I should have said, if you want to check first what is available elsewhere, you can go to the ADD function, select your new park etc ignoring the warning that your existing Fos will be cancelled. Only when you confirm the new FP will it actually cancel the current one.

@ryan1, when you’re park hopping you can get any FP you want.

If you have FoP and then want to hop to Epcot, you can book TT as soon as you’ve tapped into FoP (remembering that a front of line tap-in May be required). You could also snag AS2 @DHS at the same time.

Not quite. If you have pre-booked three FPs, you have to use them all before booking any at another park (one at a time). But you don’t have to pre-book three.

If you only pre-book one, you can immediately book two more in another park(s). If you pre-book two, you can book a third in another park once you’ve tapped into the first.

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Yes. I understand. But it isn’t the same thing as booking same-day FPPs, really. Same-day FPPs are not limited to Tiers. But pre-booked FPPs are. If you only book 1 FPP at any given park, then your attempt to get a FPP at another park is still tier limited because it isn’t treat as a same-day…but a pre-booked. Once you go through your 3 pre-booked (even if booked on the same day) you can then start to book tier 1 (if any are available).

Oh, it is so confusing.

So’ I’d be better off not booking our late afternoon SSE FPs, or moving them forward if at all possible, so that I can book other rides in other parks earlier in the afternoon?

The only thing I can’t do is book additional Tier 1 FPs in EP until we complete all 3 original FPs. Does it seem like I have that correct?

Right. Well said.

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I have had mixed experiences with this in the past. On the first day of one of my trips last year I had a FP that because of DME taking longer than anticipated I knew I would not make. On the bus I cancelled it thinking I would be able to grab another FP later in the day. After using my other 2 FP it would not let me make a new FP. Another time I let one expire and it never left my MDE even well after it had expired. Though the latter I think will no longer happen I never want to take a chance. Even if for whatever reason I don want to use a FP before going to another park I will just tap in and then immediately exit the ride, I will not cancel it out right.

No that is not correct!

You have three INITIAL FPs. You can pre-book one, two or three of these. Any that you pre-book must be in the same park.

If you do not pre-book all three of your INITIAL FPs, you can book the remaining ones on the day, once you have tapped into the first. And in this case, if you book them in another park there are no tier restrictions.

You can hold FoP. Tap in and ride. Then book both TT and AS2.

You could not book Navii after riding FoP, as that is in the same park.

Here was my plan in Dec 2016, so there may be some must-sees for you that were opened after this plan:

AK: rope drop EMH, Kilimanjaro Safari, Everest, Kali River (had to wait for this to open)
bus to Hollywood Studios, where I had made my FPs
HS: Great Movie Ride, Toy Story Mania FP, Star Tours (actally, I think the FP was earlier so it would expire), Tower of Terror FP, Rock Coaster single rider
boat to Epcot - I could have walked, but boat was part of the experience that day :slight_smile: . I picked up a Soarin’ FP while waiting for the boat
Epcot: Gran Fiesta Tour, grab lunch, Test Track single rider (bonus, line so short I did it twice!), Mission Space orange twice, Club Cool, Soarin’ FP
Monorail to TTC, picked up Space Mountain FP, ferry to MK
MK: Mickey bar treat, Pirates, Big Thunder, Haunted Mansion, Cosmic Ray’s dinner + Sunny Eclipse, People Mover, Laugh Floor, Space Mountain FP, Wishes (on walkway from Tomorrowland, not a choice meant for viewing but just for listening), Jungle Cruise, and done just after 10pm while MK was still open until midnight.

This was a challenge based on my son-in-law’s favorite attractions that he thought could be done in a day, and I had plenty of time so I fit in several of my favorites. Total about 14 hours. Longest wait was for Big Thunder, about 30 minutes.