Fastpasses for family and I'm handicap not riding

Hi there,
Can anyone suggest how I should handle Fastpasses for my family. I can not ride any thrill ride. However, my husband and our children will want to ride all the coasters. Do I make fastpass times for all of us and just have them scan mine and step aside for the ride? Or, do I only reserve fastpasses for the coasters for them? I don’t plan on doing anything without them so I’ll just be waiting around.


Only the people actually riding need a FP. You could get ones for yourself that are for something more tame nearby if you wanted.

If you don’t plan on doing another ride without them then you can just book FPPs for them and leave yourself off of those.

I don’t do the thrill rides either and do a lot of waiting around (shopping) while my husband rides. Sometimes it is worth booking a FP just so I can see the pre-show, like at Tower of Terror. All of the rides have a point where you can exit without boarding. We had a fun experience with a 20 year old basketball player who I took under my wing at TOT. He was heading back through the line trying to get bad to the entrance all the while yelling back at his friends that he wasn’t get on! He was surprised that we were not the only two people to take the “special” elevator. So, think about sticking with your group and enjoying the pre-shows.

Thank you. That’s a great idea.