Fastpass+ Worth repeatedly checking for changing availability?

Hi! I’ve made my Fastpass+ selections for upcoming Epcot and Magic Kingdom days near the end of this month, awhile back, but the touringplans optimizer throws out most of them because of the time of day, ease of using them without FP+ etc.- they’re all headliners- Spaceship Earth, Frozen Ever After, Mission Space, Seven Dwarfs, etc. I’m tried changing the fastpasses to more optimum times, but the WDW site says there are no available times for any of those rides to chose from.

So, my question is, does this change at all in the days before the trip? I’ve been checking once a day to see if any more times have opened up, but it’s been a week and nothing changes… Do any other times open up, or now that they’re gone, they’re gone?


For premium fastpasses, those won’t change too much. More ppl build their plans around what they can snag - at least it gives you a some constants to build upon. I’d assume lower tiered fp will open up SE, MS, but you are competing with the world, you have to catch those at the right time, or else anyone else can grab them. I wouldn’t worry too much about the TP software telling you that your FP won’t be needed if you like your plan. One issue I can think of is you using a fastpass for a major headliner at RD. or if you have a PPO ADR and you plan on using a FP for something like 7d at 9am on a 9am park opening, although if that was the case, the software should tell you to go do other things before your 9am fp. Also you can just force the software to use your FP by opening the “advance settings” option under the fastpass box.

Thank you!